Bills Prepare for Vikings

The Bills will travel to Minnesota to take on the Vikings this weekend.  They are decided underdogs heading into the contest.  The Vikings narrowly missed a Super Bowl appearance last season.  Under Coach Mike Zimmer they have an impressive defense, allowing only 22.5 points per game.  THE BILLS WILL START JOSH ALLEN FOR THE SECOND TIME.  THE NAYSAYERS ARE UNIMPRESSED.  LOOKING FOR AN UPSET ON THE ROAD, WE HOPE FOR THE BEST AS 1BUFFALO.

Coach McDermott believes LeSean McCoys denials of abusing his son.  The allegations were made by the mother of the child in support of his former girlfriends court case, in which she charges he was responsible for her robbery and beating at his Georgia home.  THE BILLS ARE BACKING McCOY FOR NOW.  THEY HAVE LITTLE CHOICE, AS HE IS THE HEART OF THE FAILING OFFENSE.  WITHOUT HIM THE SEASON WOULD BE SUNK.  LOOKING FOR ANSWERS TO THE CONTROVERSY SURROUNDING SHADY, WE ARE PERPLEXED AS 1BUFFALO.

LeSean McCoy is nursing a rib cartilage injury and is questionable for Sundays matchup versus the Vikings.  The mishap occurred in the third quarter of the Chargers game.  He was in obvious discomfort and is day-to-day in returning to action.  THIS IS THE LATEST SETBACK FOR McCOY.  THE MOTHER OF HIS SON IS ACCUSING HIM OF ABUSING THE CHILD.  THIS IS IN ADDITION TO THE SUIT FILED BY HIS FORMER GIRLFRIEND OVER THE INVASION AND ROBBERY AT HER GEORGIA HOME.  HOPING SHADY GETS HIS ACT TOGETHER SOON, WE ARE TAKEN ABACK AS 1BUFFALO.

The Bills are a franchise in crisis 2 weeks into the regular season.  The gamble to start a rookie quarterback is only part of the problem.  The offensive line is porous and not protecting the signal caller.  Despite costly offseason signings the defense is shutting down, having allowed 75 points in the first 2 games.  THE SEASON IS RAPIDLY EVOLVING INTO A REBUILDING YEAR.  THE BILLS FACE 4 CHALLENGING ROAD GAMES IN THE NEXT 5 WEEKS.  MANY HAVE ALREADY WRITTEN OFF THE PLAYOFFS.  BEWILDERED BY THE STRATEGIC BLUNDERS THAT GAVE RISE TO THIS DEBACLE, WE LOOK FOR ANSWERS AS 1BUFFALO.

Josh Allen showed promise in the Bills 31 – 20 loss to the Chargers.  He had 245 passing yards and 2 touchdowns on the day.  The offensive line let down, allowing 5 sacks on Allen.  The defense played so miserably in the first half that Sean McDermott took over calling plays for defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier.  Cornerback Vontae Davis was so discouraged that he retired at halftime and quit the organization.  THE BILLS CLEARLY ARE IN TROUBLE AFTER 2 GAMES.  THEY FACE CHALLENGING ROAD TRIPS TO MINNESOTA AND GREEN BAY.  THE SEASON IS TURNING INTO A TRAINING GROUND FOR JOSH ALLEN.  HOPING BEYOND HOPE FOR A TURN AROUND, WE SHOW SUPPORT FOR THE YOUNG QUARTERBACK AS 1BUFFALO.

The Bills are looking to improve from last weeks debacle when they take on the Chargers today.  The home opener is sold out.  Anticipation is running high with Josh Allen as starting quarterback.  ALLEN HAS EXCEPTIONAL MATURITY AND POISE FOR A ROOKIE.  HE LIKELY WILL TURN IN A CREDIBLE PERFORMANCE.  ALTHOUGH THE BILLS ARE UNDERDOGS THE GAME SHOULD BE COMPETITIVE.  LOOKING FOR A GOOD AFTERNOON OF FOOTBALL WE AWAIT KICKOFF AS 1BUFFALO.

Erie County Sheriffs will curb table slamming at Bills home games.  They will be out in force to limit the tradition at tailgating for the home opener versus the Chargers.  Violators will be subject to ejection and criminal charges.  TABLE SLAMMING HAS BEEN A KEY ELEMENT OF THE EXUBERANT FESTIVITIES OF BILLS FANS.  NATIONAL MEDIA ATTENTION HAS FOCUSED ON THE UNIQUE PRACTICE.  CELEBRATING THE SPIRIT OF BILLS LOYALISTS EVERYWHERE, WE CIRCLE THE TABLES AS 1BUFFALO.

All eyes will be on Josh Allen as he takes the field as starter versus the Chargers.  The rookie is being mobilized in the wake of Nathan Petermans disasterous performance against the Ravens.  The question is whether the struggling offensive line will be able to protect him.  COACH McDERMOTT AND BRANDON BEANE HAVE BUNGLED THE QUARTERBACK DECISION.  TYROD TAYLOR WAS TRADED LARGELY FOR MONETARY CONSIDERATIONS AND AJ McCARRON SHOULD HAVE BEEN RETAINED TO PROVIDE BACKUP EXPERIENCE.  SHAKING OUR HEADS AT THE STRATEGIC INEPTITUDE, WE LOOK FOR ANSWERS AS 1BUFFALO.

Bills co-owner Kim Pegula said the stadium decision will be made after the November election.  Speaking in an interview to the Associated Press, she indicated she does not want to politicize the process.  She and her husband Terry will determine whether to proceed with a new venue or renovate New Era field.  THE ARENA WILL BE A SOURCE OF PRIDE AND PRESTIGE.  IT WILL BE THE FOCAL POINT OF REGIONAL RENEWAL.  GRATEFUL TO THE PEGULAS FOR THEIR VISION AND LEADERSHIP, WE LOCK ARMS AS 1BUFFALO.

Members of the Bills honored local first responders yesterday on September 11th.  5 teammates went to a local firehouse to pay tribute to them and their fallen comrades.  They served dinner and shared fellowship with police and firemen.  THE BILLS ORGANIZATION STRONGLY BELIEVES IN COMMUNITY OUTREACH.  WHILE FALTERING ON THE FIELD, THE FRANCHISE IS COMMITTED TO WESTERN NEW YORK.  GRATEFUL FOR THIS GESTURE AND THE SERVICE OF THOSE RECOGNIZED, WE STAND SHOULDER TO SHOULDER AS 1BUFFALO.

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