Jim Kelly Receives Jimmy V Award

Bills great Jim Kelly has received the Jimmy V award.  The Hall of Fame quarterback was honored for perseverance in the face of adversity.  The award is named in memory of James Valvano, the North Carolina mens basketball coach who succumbed to cancer.  JIM KELLY UNDERWENT A 12 HOUR OPERATION IN APRIL TO TREAT HIS CANCER RECURRENCE.  HE HAS DEMONSTRATED THE COURAGE AND GRIT THAT MAKE HIM KELLY TOUGH.  JOINING FANS EVERYWHERE WHO ARE PRAYING FOR JIM AND HIS FAMILY, WE LOCK ARMS AS 1BUFFALO.

6 of the Bills training camp practices will be ticketed.  The free tickets will be available at a variety of locations in Buffalo and Rochester.  Camp opens Tuesday July 26th.  ANOTHER SEASON IS ABOUT TO GET UNDERWAY.  ANTICIPATION IS RUNNING HIGH THAT THE BILLS WILL REPEAT IN THE PLAYOFFS.  PREPARING TO COME OUT AND SUPPORT OUR TEAM, WE CLOSE RANKS AS 1BUFFALO.

NBC reporter Peter King says the Bills need LeSean McCoy.   They are counting on him for clutch performances given the uncertainty at quarterback and offensive line.  McCoys season is in doubt since the break-in and beating of his former girlfriend at his Georgia home.  No charges have yet been filed.  McCOY IS THE HEART AND SOUL OF THE OFFENSE.  AT AGE 30 HE REMAINS ONE OF THE LEAGUES PREMIER RUNNING BACKS.  LOOKING FOR PRODUCTION FROM SHADY AS HE CLOSES IN ON THE 12,000 YARD CAREER MARK, WE NERVOUSLY FOLLOW DEVELOPMENTS AS 1BUFFALO.

A J McCarron is super excited to start training camp next week.  Action gets underway at St. John Fisher College in suburban Rochester.  McCarron will be competing for the starting nod along with Nathan Peterman and Josh Allen.  EXPECT COMPETITION TO BE FIERCE AMONG THE QUARTERBACKS.  McCARRON MAY WELL START IN THE REGULAR SEASON OPENER AT BALTIMORE.  LOOKING FOR SPIRITED ACTION UNDER CENTER, WE AWAIT CAMP AS 1BUFFALO.

Bills legend Thurman Thomas is concerned that running back Terrell Owens will not attend his Hall of Fame enshrinement.  Owens instead will give a speech at the University of Tennessee.  He reportedly felt slighted by the selection committee.  THOMAS COMMENTED THAT THE HALL OF FAME IS AN ELITE FRATERNITY.  THERE ARE ONLY 318 HONOREES FROM THE 25,000 PLAYERS AND COACHES WHO HAVE BEEN WITH THE NFL.  GRATEFUL THAT THE BILLS HAVE 9 PLAYERS REPRESENTED, WE STAND TALL AS 1BUFFALO.

Richie Incognito has been named an ambassador for Boo2Bullying.  The former Bills offensive lineman will be a spokesman for the charity that seeks to stamp out bullying.  Richie revealed that he had been the subject of bullying by high school classmates.  They later made peace and became friends.  BULLYING IS A NATIONAL EPIDEMIC.  RICHIE BY EXAMPLE CAN HELP TO DETER THE CHILDHOOD TRAUMA.  CONGRATULATING HIM ON HIS CIVIC OUTREACH, WE COME TOGETHER AS 1BUFFALO.

Bills running back LeSean McCoy had a history of domestic disputes with his estranged girlfriend.  The police had been called to his Georgia home over nonviolent complaints.  McCoy vehemently denies he was responsible for this week’s robbery and beating of Delicia Cordon.  SHOULD McCOY BE ACCUSED OF A CRIME, HE FACES THE NFL EXEMPT LIST.  THIS WOULD BAR HIM FROM PRACTICE AND PLAY.  THE CONSEQUENCES WOULD BE CATASTROPHIC FOR THE BILLS OFFENSE.  SHAKEN BY THIS DISTURBING INCIDENT, WE WATCH AND WAIT AS 1BUFFALO.

LeSean McCoy has retained top Atlanta defense lawyer Don Samuel to represent him.  The move comes in the wake of accusations he is responsible for the breakin and beating of his former girlfriend at his Georgia home.  Police are investigating the crime.  No charges have been filed.  IF SUBSTANTIATED, THE CASE COULD RUIN McCOYS CAREER.  HE MIGHT FACE FELONY CHARGES AND DISCIPLINE BY THE NFL.  HE COULD BE PLACED ON THE EXEMPT LIST WHICH WOULD BAR HIM FROM PRACTICE AND PLAY.  STUNNED BY THIS EPISODE, WE STRUGGLE TO REMAIN 1BUFFALO.

Bills running back LeSean McCoy denied as baseless allegations he was responsible for the beating and robbery of his former girlfriend.  The incident involved Delicia Cordon at McCoy’s home in Georgia.  He had been attempting to evict her and recover valuable jewelry he had gifted her.  Photos of a brutally beating Cordon went viral on the internet.  THE NFL AND BILLS ARE INVESTIGATING.  McCOYS OFF-FIELD BEHAVIOR HAS BEEN A CONCERN.  CHARGES WERE DROPPED AFTER HE WAS INVOLVED IN AN ALTERCATION WITH 2 POLICE OFFICERS IN PHILADELPHIA.  HOPING SHADY WILL BE PROVEN INNOCENT, WE LOOK FOR ANSWERS AS 1BUFFALO.

The greatest challenge facing the Bills is the decision on quarterback.  Expect lively competition in training camp among Nathan Peterman, AJ McCarron, and Josh Allen.  Coach McDermott will likely bring Allen along slowly so the starting nod is up for grabs.  COMPOUNDING THE UNDERTAINTY ARE GAPS IN THE OFFENSIVE LINE.  THE UNIT LOST 2 PRO BOWLERS WHEN ERIE WOOD AND RICHIE INCOGNITO RETIRED.  LOOKING TO SEE HOW IT ALL DEVELOPS, WE WATCH FROM THE SIDELINES AS 1BUFFALO.

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