Bills Fall in Power Rankings

The Bills continue their downward fall in the weekly Power Rankings.  National commentators now rank them between 17th and 26th overall in the league.  They cite the disastrous benching of Tyrod Taylor in favor of rookie Nathan Peterman.  ESPN deemed the experiment a train wreck.  The once promising playoff hopes have faded.  AFTER STARTING THE SEASON 5 – 2, THE BILLS ARE NOW .500.  COACH McDERMOTT WILL LOOK BACK ON HIS QUARTERBACK SUBSTITUTION AS A COLOSSAL BLUNDER.  LOOKING TO SALVAGE THE BALANCE OF THE SEASON WITH TAYLOR AS QB, WE HOPE FOR THE BEST AS 1BUFFALO.

Coach Sean McDermott explained he does not regret his decision to start Nathan Peterman.  Rather he regrets the result.  The magnitude of this blunder may well have cost the Bills a playoff berth.  McDermott said yesterday he is still evaluating which quarterback to start against the Chiefs on Sunday.  Hopefully saner heads will prevail and Taylor will get the nod.  THE PETERMAN EXPERIMENT WAS SHEER FOLLY IN THE MIDST OF THE PLAYOFF HUNT.  ENTERING THE GAME AT 5 – 4 THE BILLS WILDCARD HOPES WERE STILL ALIVE.  AFTER BEING BLOWN OUT OF THE LAST 3 CONTESTS, THE TEAM MUST WIN VIRTUALLY EVERY REMAINING MATCHUP.  THAT WILL BE FORMIDABLE, GIVEN THE PROSPECT OF PLAYING THE PATRIOTS TWICE.  SHAKING OUR HEADS OVER THE COSTLY MISCALCULATION, WE STRIVE TO REMAIN 1BUFFALO.

The Bills were trounced 54 – 24 by the Chargers as Nathan Peterman imploded.  He threw 5 interceptions in the first half, the most in the league since 1970.  On the day he was 6 of 14 for 66 yards and the interceptions.  He was replaced at halftime by Tyrod Taylor, who went 15 of 25 for 158 yards and a touchdown.  So ends the ill considered Peterman experiment.  Coach Sean McDermott will take heat for going with an untested rookie late in November while clinging to playoff hopes.  AS REGRETTABLE AS THE QUATERBACK SUBSTITUTION WAS, IT DOES NOT ACCOUNT FOR THE BILLS TOTAL BREAKDOWN.  THEY HAVE BEEN OUTSCORED 135 TO 55 OVER THE LAST 3 LOSSES.  LOOKING TO REGROUP AND SALVAGE WHAT REMAINS OF THE SEASON, WE EMERGE BATTERED YET LOYAL AS 1BUFFALO.

The 5 – 4 Bills meet the 3 – 6 Chargers today in a decisive AFC matchup.  Nathan Peterman debuts as starter in his first regular season game.  The decision to go with the fifth round rookie is a major gamble.  Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers cleared concussion protocol and will make his 195th start.  Peterman will have a full corps of receivers, with Kelvin Benjamin joining the lineup and Zay Jones returning to action. A big day is needed from the defense, which has fallen from third overall to 22nd in just 2 weeks.  THE BILLS WILDCARD CHANCES ARE UP FOR GRABS VERSUS THIS CONFERENCE RIVAL.  THE PLAYOFF PROSPECTS HINGE ON BREAKING THE 2 GAME LOSING STREAK. LOOKING FOR PETERMAN TO ENGINEER A VICTORY ON THE ROAD, WE HOLD OUR BREATH AS 1BUFFALO.

Coach Sean McDermott is betting the store on rookie quarterback Nathan Peterman.  The Bills are in contention for a wildcard berth for the first time in 17 years.  The benched Tyrod Taylor had turned in credible performances, throwing for 10 touchdowns and only 3 interceptions.  The mantle passes to Peterman, who had his first regular season start in the closing series of the Saints game.  He had a solid college career, transferring to Pitt from Tennessee.  In 26 games for the Panthers he completed 378 of 619 passes for 47 touchdowns and 17 interceptions.  Drafted in the fifth round (171st overall) by the Bills, he was 43 of 79 for one touchdown in preseason action.  McDERMOTTS DECISION TO START PETERMAN IS A COLOSSAL GAMBLE.  THE SEASON HANGS IN THE BALANCE.  IF SUCCESSFUL THE COACH WILL BE HAILED FOR HIS DARING AND VISION.  OTHERWISE HE WILL LIKELY JOIN THE LONG PROCESSION OF FAILED BILLS COACHES.  HOLDING OUR BREATH TO SEE HOW IT PLAYS OUT, WE EXPECTANTLY REMAIN 1BUFFALO.

The fallout from the Tyrod Taylor benching is evident.  The Bills are likely to part company with him following this season.  They will not be obligated to pay a 6 million dollar bonus due under his restructured contract next March.  His count against the salary cap will be reduced from 18 to 3 million dollars.  TAYLOR UNDERWHELMED IN HIS 3 YEARS IN BUFFALO, WITH A 19 – 18 RECORD.  HE CLEARLY IS NOT THE FRANCHISE QUARTERBACK THE BILLS SEEK.  WITH 2 FIRST ROUND AND 2 SECOND ROUND PICKS IN 2018, THE TEAM WILL LOOK TO THE DRAFT FOR A QB.  THE ROOKIE NATHAN PETERMAN HAS A GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY TO PROVE HIMSELF.  APPLAUDING THESE STRATEGIC MOVES, WE STAND UNITED AS 1BUFFALO.

Rookie quarterback Nathan Peterman will start in Sundays game versus the Chargers for the benched Tyrod Taylor.  The announcement was made by head coach Sean McDermott.  The substitution comes in the wake of the Bills second devastating loss in 2 weeks.  Taylor struggled against the Saints,  going 9 of 18 for 56 yards, an interception, and dismal 33.6 passer rating.  Peterman replaced him in the final 2 series, completing 7 of 10 for 79 yards and a touchdown.  A DISHEARTENED TAYLOR TOLD THE MEDIA HE STRONGLY DISAGREED WITH THE PERSONNEL MOVE.  IT UNDERSCORES HOW DIRE THE BILLS SITUATION IS AT MIDSEASON.  WITH 7 GAMES TO GO, THEY FACE AN UPHILL BATTLE FOR A WILDCARD BERTH.  HOPING THE YOUNG PETERMAN PROVES TO BE THE LONG AWAITED FRANCHISE QUARTERBACK, WE CLOSE RANKS AS 1BUFFALO.


In an effort to shore up their defensive tackle ranks, the Bills have re-signed Deandre Coleman.  He had been with the team through training camp before being cut in September.  He spent most of last year on the practice squad and was activated for 5 games.  Coleman has tremendous size at 6-5, 341 pounds.  To make room on the roster, the Bills released defensive tackle Jerel Worthy.  HIS SIGNING SIGNALS THE NEED TO PLUG THE RUN DEFENSE.  THEIR PERFORMANCE HAS BEEN HORRIFIC IN THE LAST 2 GAMES.  LOOKING FOR PRODUCTION FROM A PLAYER WHO KNOWS THE SYSTEM, WE ARE HOPEFUL AS 1BUFFALO.

The Bills are still in the playoff picture despite traumatic back-to-back losses.  At 5 – 4 they remain in contention for a wildcard berth.  With 7 games left in the regular season, a few upsets will keep them in the pack.  New England is likely to emerge atop the division.  The Bills are bunched amid a cluster of AFC teams vying for the coveted wildcard spots. IT IS TOO EARLY TO WRITE OFF OUR CHANCES.  THIS MAY BE THE YEAR TO BREAK THE PLAYOFF DROUGHT.  BUCKLING DOWN AND WINNING A MAJORITY OF THE REMAINING GAMES IS DOABLE.  LOOKING FOR GRIT AND DETERMINATION IN AN UPHILL STRUGGLE, WE RALLY AS 1BUFFALO.

The Saints steamrolled over the Bills 47 – 10.  It was an embarrassing debacle which dimmed Buffalo’s playoff prospects.  They are now 5 – 4 with 2 consecutive devastating losses.  The hapless defense failed to contain New Orleans running game.  The Saints put up 298 rushing yards, 482 total yards, and 32 first downs.  The Bills managed only 198 yards and 10 first downs.  Tyrod Taylor was benched late in the game and replaced by rookie Nathan Peterman, who threw a touchdown pass to Nick O’Leary.  THE BILLS REGROUP IN THE WAKE OF THIS HUMILIATING DEFEAT.  PREPARATIONS ARE UNDERWAY TO PLAY THE CHARGERS IN LOS ANGELES NEXT SUNDAY. STINGING FROM THE TROUNCING AND LOOKING TO SALVAGE THE SEASON, WE DESPAIR AS 1BUFFALO.

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