Patriots Atop AFC East After Defeating Jets

The Patriots are now alone in first place at 4 – 2 in the AFC East.  They defeated the Jets 24 – 17 at the Meadowlands.  It was a controversial victory with a fourth quarter New York touchdown nullified on review.  Tom Brady had an off day, going 20 of 38 for 257 yards.  THE BILLS FALL TO SECOND PLACE IN THE DIVISION AT 3 – 2.  THEY RETURN TO PREPARATIONS FOR TAMPA BAY AFTER COMING OFF THE BYE WEEK.  LOOKING FOR THEM TO REGAIN SUPREMACY IN THE HOTLY CONTESTED AFC EAST, WE ARE HOPEFUL AS 1BUFFALO.

The Bills defense is catching fire under new coordinator Leslie Frazier.  The return to the 4 – 3 has resulted in one of the premier squads in the league.  They are first in the NFL with 35 passes defended.  Rookie sensation Tre’Davious White leads the pack with 11.  Their 8 interceptions are third best overall.  The 6 forced fumbles are number 5 out of 32 teams.  THE DEFENSE HAS KEPT THE BILLS COMPETITIVE.  THEIR PLAY IS IN THE UPPER ECHELON OF TOP CONTENDERS.  THEY ARE LARGELY RESPONSIBLE FOR THE 3 WINS TO DATE.  GRATEFUL FOR THEIR TOP NOTCH ON FIELD PERFORMANCE, WE SHOW PRIDE AS 1BUFFALO.

With midseason approaching attention turns to the reduced production of LeSean McCoy.  One of the league’s premier running backs, he has been effectively shut down since the Jets opener.  Against New York he rushed 22 times for 110 yards.  In the ensuing 4 games his combined output has been 65 carries for 168 yards.  Opposing defenses are containing him and stopping the run.  McCOY IS GETTING LITTLE HELP FROM THE STRUGGLING OFFENSIVE LINE.  THE BLOCKS ARE NOT THERE TO OPEN RUNNING ROOM.  HOPING HE GETS HELP UP FRONT TO BOLSTER HIS NUMBERS, WE RALLY AS 1BUFFALO.

One-third of the way into the regular season the Bills are tied with 6 AFC teams at 3 – 2.  After the bye they host Tampa Bay at home in a potentially winnable game.  However, they still must take on the undefeated Chiefs and play the Patriots twice.  To break 10 – 6 and have a shot at a wild card they have to win virtually all the other remaining games.  That is an uphill battle, considering their play against Cincinnati and injuries plaguing the squad.  WHILE NUMERICALLY STILL IN THE PACK, THE ODDS ARE NOT WITH THE BILLS.  THE PARALYSIS ON OFFENSE IS TAKING ITS TOLL.  HOPING BEYOND HOPE FOR SUCCESS IN THE HOME STRETCH, WE STRIVE TO REMAIN 1BUFFALO.

Speculation abounds whether the Bills will break 500 this year.  That will be a daunting task, as they have to play New England twice and Kansas City.  It is unlikely they can win 7 of the remaining games to go 10 – 6 and be a wildcard contender.  WHILE THE DEFENSE HAS PLAYED WELL THE OFFENSE IS ANEMIC.  BOTH THE RUNNING AND PASSING GAMES ARE STRUGGLING.  TYROD TAYLOR IS INCONSISTENT AND LACKS RECEIVERS SINCE THE WATKINS TRADE.  RESIGNED TO THE REALITY OF YET ANOTHER ALSO RAN SEASON, WE ARE DISHEARTENED AS 1BUFFALO.

The Bills may trade for a position of strength.  New general manager Brian Beane has proven himself to be a horse trader as he wheels and deals.  Mike Garafolo of NFL Network reports the team may be in the market for a running back.  There is potential wisdom to such a move, as opposing defenses have effectively shut down LeSean McCoy.  A second ace running back would be harder to contain.  TALK OF TRADES IS IN THE AIR AS MIDSEASON APPROACHES.  THE FAITHFUL HAVE COME TO EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED FROM BEANE.  ANTICIPATING HIS LATEST BLOCKBUSTER MOVE, WE AWAIT WORD AS 1BUFFALO.

The Bills are at crossroads as the bye week begins.  They are coming off a disappointing loss to the Bengals they should have won.  The offense is faltering, with opposing defenses shutting down LeSean McCoy.  Tyrod Taylor is stumbing, failing to make big plays.  The passing game is reeling from the disastrous trade of Sammy Watkins and retirement of Anquan Boldin.  DESPITE ADVERSITY THE BILLS ARE IN A 3 WAY TIE ATOP THE AFC EAST AT 3 – 2.  THE DEFENSE HAS RISEN TO THE OCCASION AND KEPT THE CONTESTS CLOSE.  A WILD CARD BERTH IS A DISTINCT POSSIBILITY.  LOOKING TO USE THE BYE TO REGROUP AND HEAL, WE HAVE HOPE AS 1BUFFALO.

The Bills were defeated by the Bengals 20 – 16.  Cincinnati shut down the running game, with LeSean McCoy rushing for just 63 yards on 19 carries.  Tyrod Taylor had a long afternoon, missing the mark and throwing an interception.  The loss of tight end Charles Clay to knee injury crippled the passing game.  Stephen Hauschka booted 3 field goals, hitting his 200th career mark.  THE BILLS FELL TO AN UNDERWHELMING OPPONENT.  THEY ENTER THE BYE WEEK DISPIRITED AND LADEN WITH INJURIES.  SENSING THE FRUSTRATION AND TURMOIL, WE ARE DISHEARTENED AS 1BUFFALO.

The Bengals are 3 point favorites when they meet the Bills today.  Cincinnati is coming through upheaval, having fired offensive coordinator Ken Zampese 2 weeks into the season.  Since then they have put up 51 points under Bill Lazor.  Quarterback Andy Dalton is hitting his mark with the passing game.  Their defense is playing well, with star linebacker Vontaze Burfict back in action.  THE BILLS ARE WITHOUT JORDAN MATTHEWS AND RAMON HUMBER SIDELINED WITH INJURIES.  THE GAME IS WINNABLE PROVIDED THE DEFENSE AND TYROD TAYLOR HAVE BIG DAYS.  LOOKING FOR OUR GUYS TO PULL OFF AN UPSET ON THE ROAD, WE AWAIT KICKOFF AS 1BUFFALO.

The Bills came out to support their sister team the Sabres in the season premiere.  Both LeSean McCoy and Kyle Williams were in attendance for the opener against Montreal.  Coach McDermott and several team members recorded a message of good luck for their hockey brothers.  SPECIAL TRIBUTE IS IN ORDER FOR OWNERS TERRY AND KIM PEGULA.  THEY HAVE KEPT PROFESSIONAL SPORTS IN BUFFALO AND NURTURED THE 2 FRANCHISES.  GRATEFUL FOR THEIR CIVIC CONSCIENCE AND LOVE OF THE GAME, WE ARE UNITED AS 1BUFFALO.

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