Witness The Action

Witness all the action Sunday when the Bills take on the Raiders.  After the long cross-country trip our guys will be revved up to meet Oakland.  It’s crunch time once again.  Bills fans everywhere know what our team is made of.  They will beat the Raiders and continue the wild card quest.  WITH FAITH IN OUR CAPABILITIES THE VICTORY IS IN SIGHT.  TRULY UNITED WE ARE ALL 1BUFFALO.

Sundays Raiders game will test the Bills resolve.  Can Buffalo win a wild card berth and advance through the playoffs?  You bet they can.  After 16 years of frustration and missed opportunities, redemption is at hand.  Bills fans sense that this time is for real.  WE CALL ON ALL THE FAITHFUL TO HUNKER DOWN AND BELIEVE.  NOTHING WILL EVER BE THE SAME AGAIN.  LOOKING TO A BRIGHT FUTURE WE ARE ALL 1BUFFALO.

Sunday’s Raiders game will be the test of the Bills resolve.  Will they rise to the occasion and defeat the heavily favored Raiders?  You bet they will.  The nation’s eyes will be on the resurgent Bills.  Coach Ryan and brother Rob will lead us onward to victory.  THE BILLS PERFORM BEST IN CLUTCH SITUATIONS.  WITH THE SEASON ON THE LINE THEY WILL COME THROUGH.  STANDING TOGETHER WITH OUR TEAM, WE TRULY ARE ALL 1BUFFALO.

Fresh from their victory over the Jaguars, the Bills now prepare for the Jaguars.  Buffalo is 6 – 5 with 5 games to go.  They trail Miami and Baltimore in the race for a wild card berth.  Can the Bills prevail?  They sure can.  Our guys showed mettle and grit on Sunday.  AFTER A GOOD WEEK OF PRACTICE THE BILLS WILL MAKE THE CROSS-COUNTRY TRIP TO OAKLAND.  THE FAVORED RAIDERS ARE DUE FOR AN UPSET.  STANDING FRONT AND SHOULDER WITH OUR TEAM, WE ARE ALL 1BUFFALO.

The Bills wild card dream is alive and well after their 28 – 21 victory over the Jaguars.  Tyrod Taylor and LeSean McCoy had standout days.  It was a great win for Coach Ryan, brother Rob, and the whole team.  Buffalo moves to 6 – 5 with 5 games to go.  THE BILLS ARE MAKING BELIEVERS OUT OF THE NAYSAYERS.  BY TAKING EACH REMAINING GAME ONE AT A TIME, WE CAN AND WILL BREAK THE PLAYOFF DROUGHT.  WITH FAITH IN OUR FUTURE, WE ARE ALL 1BUFFALO.

Buffalo takes on Jacksonville this afternoon at home.  A lot is riding on the game.  The Bills need a win to keep their wild card hopes alive.  Can they do it?  Of course they can!  This is the age of miracles.  Our guys come through with clutch performances.  COME OUT AND SUPPORT THE BILLS!  SHOW YOUR DETERMINATION AND GRIT.  TOGETHER WE ARE ALL 1BUFFALO.  GO TEAM!

The NFL provides entertainment for all, particularly the men and women of the armed forces.  Each week professional football players provide respite from daily cares with entertaining diversion and action packed combat.  They take our minds off national strains and crises.  They serve just like the uniformed troops.  AS BUFFALO PREPARES TO DO BATTLE WITH JACKSONVILLE, WE GIVE THANKS FOR THOSE IN THE ARMED FORCES.  WITH PRIDE IN OUR NATION AND ITS WARRIORS, WE TOGETHER ARE ALL 1BUFFALO.

Coming off last weekend’s victory the energized Bills are preparing to take on the Jaguars.  Emotions are running high as the underdog Bills climb out of their hole.  A wildcard berth will require winning 5 of the last 6 games.  This surely will be interesting.  COME ON OUT TO SUPPORT THE GUYS AT HOME ON SUNDAY.  JACKSONVILLE’S LOSS WILL BE BUFFALO’S GAIN.  BY BELIEVING AND HAVING FAITH WE WILL SHOW THE NFL THAT WE ARE ALL 1BUFFALO.

The Editors wish a very Happy Thanksgiving to all!  We truly are blessed this year.  The Bills have rebounded and are playoff bound.  Under the leadership of Coach Ryan and brother Rob, they are showing grit and valor.  We give thanks for the continued leadership of owners Terry and Kim Pegula, true class acts.  They have gotten our town of Buffalo back on the move again.  Everywhere new hope and excitement abound.  HATS OFF TO THE ENTIRE BILLS ORGANIZATION.  GIVING THANKS ON THIS SPECIAL DAY, WE REALIZE WE TRULY ARE ALL 1BUFFALO.

The Bills are heading into the Home Stretch.  With 6 games to go, it’s clutch time.  When the going gets tough, our guys rise to the occasion.  Buffalo can and will prevail in the race for a wild card berth.  Nothing is impossible when people have faith.  LET’S SHOW OUR TEAM THE SUPPORT THEY DESERVE.  GIVE THANKS TOMORROW AND EVERYDAY FOR THE BILLS IN BUFFALO.  WITH FAITH IN OUR FUTURE WE ARE UNITED AS 1BUFFALO.

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