We’re Rounding the Corner

Western New Yorkers and their Bills are rounding the corner.  It’s going to take a lot of time, but we’re headed in the right direction.  40 plus years of hard times and disappointments will eventually give way to victory.  Can the hard luck Bills possibly win the Super Bowl this year?  Not easy to call, but let’s let it happen.  SHOW YOUR SUPPORT FOR THE TEAM AND ALL IT MEANS TO US.  TOGETHER WE ARE 1BUFFALO!

The tough times will eventually end.  It took the Bills years to come out of their funk.  But look at them now.  Good things take time.  We will emerge better and wiser. HANG IN THERE, BUFFALO FANS.  THE SKY’S THE LIMIT!

All Bills fans know that change is in the air.  Out with the old, in with the new!  Together we have our sights set on great things.  It surely has not and will not be easy, but ultimately it will all have been for the best.  Cheer on Rex Ryan and the Buffalo team!  Resolve to do your part for the cause.  We have all been waiting for these days for years.  ONWARD TO THE SUPER BOWL!  UNITED WE STAND, ALWAYS 1 BUFFALO.

The Bills blew the 49’ers out of the water.  The decisive 45 – 16 victory was witnessed by all.  There are no more naysayers.  Our team is the real deal.  Can this really be happening?  YES!!!  The sky’s the limit.  Full steam ahead.  All the way to the SUPER BOWL!!!  DESPITE ALL THAT HAS HAPPENED IN THE PAST, WE TODAY STAND UNITED.  TRULY WE ALL ARE 1BUFFALO.

Western New Yorkers have reason to have faith and believe.  Today’s matchup with San Francisco continues the magic.  The once down and out Bills are now genuine Super Bowl contenders.  The eyes of the world will be on New Era Field as Buffalo hosts the 49’ers.  It will be fast paced and action packed.  A relief from everyday cares.  LET’S TURN OUT IN FORCE TO SUPPORT OUR GUYS.  GO BUFFALO!

We have turned the corner.  The Bills season is saved!  Throughout the region there is once again hope and promise.  We surely have waited long enough for this day.  The sky’s the limit!  LET’S RESOLVE TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN AND WIN THE SUPER BOWL!  TOGETHER ALWAYS WE ARE 1 BUFFALO.

The Bills are shifting into high gear.  Rex Ryan has rallied the troops, and it’s all systems go.  With a 3 – 2 record we are playoff contenders once again.  It seems like this will be the year.  ALL IS WELL, AND WAY TO GO!  TOGETHER WE ARE ALL 1BUFFALO.

Hard luck Buffalo has finally turned the corner.  The Bills put in a convincing victory over the Rams at L.A.  The score was 30 – 19.  Kudos to the individual players who came through.  A great group effort.  WITH THE BILLS AT 3 – 2 AND MIDSEASON APPROCHING, WHO CAN TELL WHAT MIGHT HAPPEN.  HATS OFF TO OUR GUYS!

Tis the season for football, beer, and fall weather.  The election is around the corner, and already stakes are high.  The Bills take on the Rams today in Los Angeles.  Both towns have great football traditions.  Buffalo, like L.A. and St. Louis before that, go bonkers over their teams.  It will be an exciting matchup.  TAKE STOCK OF THE DAY AND ENJOY THE GAME.  TOGETHER WE ARE 1BUFFALO.

Hats off to Bills head coach Rex Ryan.  He’s pulled it off.  The resurgent Bills are on the move again.  Buffalo is a genuine playoff contender once again.  He has bested 2 formidable opponents – Arizona and New England.  The masterful poker player has outsmarted them once more.  HERE’S TO COACH RYAN, ROB, AND THE WHOLE TEAM.  THE JETS LOSS IS BUFFALO’S GAIN.

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