The Battle of Lake Erie

Sundays matchup between Buffalo and Cleveland is shaping up as the Battle of Lake Erie.  The Bills and Browns will meet in a great regional rivalry.  Both towns have a lot at stake.  Rex Ryan will be campaigning to keep his job.  He has given the word that Tyrod Taylor remains the starting quarterback. Terry and Kim Pegula are wisely staying the course and letting the season play out before making major moves.  BUFFALO WILL BE SHOWING THE NATION WHAT IT’S ABOUT. OUR SISTER CITY CLEVELAND WILL BE PLAYING FOR PRIDE.  TOGETHER WE STAND WITH OUR TEAM UNITED AS 1BUFFALO.

Speaking to the media on Monday, Rex Ryan assumes he will remain head coach.  He reportedly met with owners Terry and Kim Pegula following Sunday’s loss to Pittsburgh.  Ryan said he is focused on preparing for Cleveland.  The Battle of Lake Erie assumes new importance as Ryan battles to save his job.  BRING ON THE BROWNS.  COACH RYAN HAS BEEN THERE BEFORE.  CLEVELAND IS WHAT IT’S ALL ABOUT.  STANDING TALL WITH THE TEAM WE ARE UNITED AS 1BUFFALO.

The Bills lost a hard fought game to the Steelers 27 – 20.  At 6 – 7 their wild card hopes have dimmed.  Where do we go from here?  We must stay the course and regroup for the last 3 contests.  The dream is still mathematically alive.  Faith plus action yields results.   COACH RYAN AND BROTHER ROB DESERVE OUR CONTINUED SUPPORT AS THEY WORK TO TURN THINGS AROUND.  THE SEASON IS NOT YET OVER.  WITH PRIDE FOR THE SPIRIT OUR TEAM INSTILLS, WE ARE UNITED AS 1BUFFALO.

Today is Crunch Time for the Bills.  The season hangs in balance as they host the Steelers in Orchard Park.  Will this be the year that the playoff drought is broken?  You can bet it is.  2016 has been a pivotal year for all.  Everything hinges on what happens now.  FASTEN YOUR SEAT BELTS AS THE ENERGIZED BILLS DO BATTLE.  WITH THE COMMUNITY UNITED AROUND THEM, WE ARE ALL 1BUFFALO.

This is shaping up to be a great football weekend.  Buffalo takes on Pittsburgh in the all important game that will decide our wild card hopes.  All eyes will be on Orchard Park as the Bills host the Steelers.  Expect thousands of Pittsburgh fans to descend on our town.  Cool temperatures and a dusting of snow make for great football weather.  BEER, TRADITION, AND FAMILY ARE THE VALUES OF THIS WEEKEND.  2 GRITTY FACTORY TOWNS PREPARE TO DO BATTLE.  HEARTLAND VALUES WILL PREVAIL.  SHOWING THE WORLD WHAT WE’RE ALL ABOUT, WE TOGETHER ARE 1BUFFALO.

Bills fans everywhere await the arrival of the Steelers.  This make-or-break game will decide the season for Buffalo.  A win will keep the wild card dream alive.  Will we prevail?  You bet we will.  All of Buffalo is revved up for Sunday’s contest.  Thousands of Pittsburgh faithful will make the trek to New Era Field.  THIS WILL BE A GREAT FOOTBALL WEEKEND FOR ALL.  BUFFALO WILL SHOW GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP IN HOSTING THE STEELERS FANS.  WITH FAITH IN OUR FUTURE AND PRIDE IN OUR TEAM AND TOWN, WE ARE ALL 1BUFFALO.

The Steelers will test the Bills resolve to break the playoff drought.  After 16 long years can Buffalo rise to the occasion and secure a wild card berth?  You bet they can.  Coach Ryan and brother Rob have done great things with this year’s squad.  Tyrod Taylor is at the peak of his game.  THE PERENNIALLY UNDERDOG BILLS ARE ON THE CUSP OF VICTORY.  SHOW YOUR SUPPORT BY TURNING OUT SUNDAY AFTERNOON.  BE GRACIOUS HOSTS TO OUR FRIENDS FROM PITTSBURGH.  UNITED ‘ROUND OUR TEAM, WE ARE ALL 1BUFFALO.

The Bills are energized for Sunday’s Steelers game.  It should be a great matchup involving 2 longtime rivals.  Thousands of Pittsburgh fans are expected to make the trip to Buffalo.  Coach Rex Ryan and brother Rob will be at the top of their game.  Playoff berths are on the line for both teams.  WE PREDICT THE BILLS WILL UPSET THE HEAVILY FAVORED STEELERS.  WHAT A GREAT CHRISTMAS GIFT THAT WILL BE FOR BUFFALO FANS.  IN THIS AGE OF MIRACLES AND MOMENTOUS CHANGE, WE ARE UNITED AS 1BUFFALO.

The Bills have started preparation for the Steelers.  Sunday’s matchup pairs 2 regional rivals.  Both Buffalo and Pittsburgh are great sports towns with strong blue collar and union roots.  They take their football seriously.  Ben Roethlisberger is one of the premier NFL quarterbacks.  The Bills have their work cut out as they battle for a wild card berth.  THIS IS MAKE OR BREAK TIME FOR BUFFALO.  THE NATIONS EYES ARE ON THE UPSTART UNDERDOG.  OUR GUYS WILL MAKE BELIEVERS OF ALL.  WITH CONFIDENCE AND DETERMINATION, WE ARE ALL 1BUFFALO.

Turnovers were the key to the Raiders victory.  Buffalo gave up the ball 5 times which tipped the game to Oakland’s favor.  After leading in the first half the Bills let down. The final score was 38 – 24.  THERE IS STILL TIME TO REGROUP.  THERE CAN NEVER BE A LOSS OF HOPE.  FAITH PLUS ACTION YIELDS RESULTS.  WE WILL EMERGE STRONGER AND MORE COMMITTED THAN EVER.  WITH GRATITUDE TO OUR GUYS FOR THE PRIDE THEY INSTALL, WE REMAIN ALWAYS 1BUFFALO.

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