McDermott Hires Coaching Staff

Sean McDermott continues to hire his coaching staff.  Leslie Frazier will be the defensive coordinator and Juan Castillo has been hired as offensive line coach.  The search for offensive coordinator focuses on 2 veterans:  Greg Olson and Brad Childress.  COACH McDERMOTT IS MAKING THE RIGHT MOVES IN ASSEMBLING HIS STAFF.  AS A FIRST YEAR HEAD COACH HE IS GOING WITH EXPERIENCE.  WE COMMEND HIM FOR HIS SELECTIONS.  WITH RENEWED HOPE FOR NEXT SEASON WE UNITE AS 1BUFFALO.

Mike Waufle has been named Bills defensive line coach.  The upstate New York native has coached since 1979.  His decades of experience have included stints coaching for the Raiders, Giants, and Rams.  The Giants won the Super Bowl with Waufle on staff.  His expertise is needed to turn around the struggling Bills defense.  Marcell Dareus in particular should benefit from his tutelage.  HEAD COACH SEAN McDERMOTT IS GOING WITH EXPERIENCE IN ASSEMBLING HIS COACHING STAFF.  HE IS MAKING THE RIGHT MOVES.  WITH RENEWED CONFIDENCE IN THE FUTURE, WE RALLY BEHIND HIM AS 1BUFFALO.

Sean McDermott signed his contract yesterday and then held a press conference.  He was introduced by owner Terry Pegula who took no questions.  McDermott confirmed that he and general manager Doug Whaley will report directly to the Pegulas.  Whaley will retain control of the 53 man roster.  McDermott has already made key personnel moves.  Leslie Frazier is the new defensive coordinator, Bob Babich the linebackers coach, and Juan Castillo as offensive line coach.  WE HAVE CONFIDENCE IN McDERMOTT AS HE TAKES COMMAND OF THE FOOTBALL DEPARTMENT.  HE HAS THE DETERMINATION, PRECISION, AND WORK ETHIC TO MAKE BUFFALO PLAYOFF CONTENDERS.  HE BRINGS ACCOUNTABILITY TO AN ORGANIZATION THAT HAS FLOUNDERED.  WITH HOPE FOR THE FUTURE WE UNITE AROUND HIM AS 1BUFFALO.

New Bills head coach Sean McDermott will meet the press today.  The press conference will introduce him to the community.  In making the announcement owner Terry Pegula vigorously denied reports that the Bills front office is dysfunctional.  He also defended his inaccessibility to the media, explaining that the players and coaches are his front.  PEGULA RECOGNIZES THE CRITICISM SWIRLING AROUND HIS CONDUCT AS OWNER OF THE BILLS AND SABRES.  HERE’S HOPING HE WILL CHANGE HIS TACTICS AND BE MORE PERSONALLY ACCOUNTABLE TO THE FANS.  THEN ALL CONCERNED CAN UNITE AS 1BUFFALO.

Sean McDermott has been named the 20th head coach of the Bills.  His hiring ushers in a new era for football in Buffalo.  The seasoned veteran took the Panthers to the Super Bowl in 2015.  His defenses have ranked high in league standings.  Known as a disciplinarian, his hiring is a departure from the abruptly ended Rex Ryan regime.  FANS JOIN US IN WISHING COACH McDERMOTT WELL.  EXPECT HIM TO MAKE INSPIRED SELECTIONS FOR DEFENSIVE AND OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR.  LOOKING TO A BETTER FUTURE WE UNITE AS 1BUFFALO.

The Bills have reportedly scheduled a second interview with Sean McDermott today.  The Carolina defensive coordinator has emerged as the front runner for new head coach.  Owners Terry and Kim Pegula were highly impressed with him following last week’s initial interview and dinner at their Florida home.  McDERMOTT CLEARLY IS THE LEADING PROSPECT AMONG THE CONTENDERS.  HIS DEPTH OF EXPERIENCE AND SUCCESS ON DEFENSE MAKE HIM THE RIGHT MAN TO TURN AROUND THE BILLS.  FANS WILL UNITE BEHIND HIM, MAKING US ALL 1BUFFALO.

Sean McDermott reportedly has the edge for Bills head coach.  The Carolina defensive coordinator has 18 years experience in the league.  He has been a defensive coordinator since 2009 when he worked for the Eagles.  He lead the Panthers to the Super Bowl with a top rated defense.  This contrasts with Anthony Lynn, another top contender.  While Lynn has the backing of Bills players, he has only been offensive coordinator for 14 games.  McDERMOTT CLEARLY HAS THE EXPERIENCE SO DESPERATELY NEEDED BY BUFFALO.  IF HE SELECT MIKE McCOY AS OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR THEN THE BILLS WILL BE POSITIONED TO BREAK THE PLAYOFF DROUGHT.  WITH EXPECTATIONS RUNNING HIGH WE ARE ALL 1BUFFALO.

The Bills interviewed Seahawks defensive coordinator Kris Richards in Seattle.  He engineered the wildcard victory over the Lions.  Richards defenses have finished second and fifth overall in the league the last 2 years.  Buffalo seriously needs his expertise on defense after the Rex Ryan debacle.  The Bills will not be able to interview him again until after the divisional round.  AT 37 RICHARDS IS THE YOUNGEST CANDIDATE UNDER CONSIDERATION.  HE IS AMONG THE STRONGEST PROSPECTS TO TAKE THE HELM.  HIS PROVEN RECORD ON DEFENSE CAN TURN THE PROGRAM AROUND. WITH EXPECTATIONS RUNNING HIGH WE ARE ALL 1BUFFALO.

The Bills continue to interview for Rex Ryan’s replacement.  They are scheduled to meet this weekend with Harold Goodwin, Arizona offensive coordinator, and Kris Richard, Seattle defensive coordinator.  They have already interviewed Sean McDermott, Carolina defensive coordinator, and Anthony Lynn, Buffalo acting head coach.  There are no notable names in the short list.  NAME COACHES ARE STAYING AWAY.  THEY WANT NO PART OF THE REVOLVING DOOR THAT IS SYNONYMOUS WITH THE BILLS TOP SPOT.  THIS WILL BE THE FOURTH HEAD COACH IN 4 YEARS.  DEVASTATED BY THE INTERNAL TURMOIL THAT UNDERMINES THE ORGANIZATION WE STRUGGLE TO REMAIN 1BUFFALO.

The Bills are preparing to part company with quarterback Tyrod Taylor.  ESPN’s Adam Schefter writes that Buffalo will move on from Taylor.  The Bills will not pay the $30.75 million balance of his contract.  This conflicts with statements from Russ Brandon that Taylor’s fate will not be decided until the new head coach is named.  The entire Taylor contract is a farce.  Brandon and Whaley dramatically overpaid for a mediocre unproven quarterback.  AS BUFFALO GRAPPLES WITH INTERNAL TURMOIL, IT IS BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD FOR A STARTING QUARTERBACK.  THE GENERAL HOUSE CLEANING MUST INCLUDE WHALEY WHO HAS TO GO.  THEN THERE WILL BE FRUSTRATING REBUILDING YEARS AS THE NEW QUARTERBACK AND HEAD COACH FIND THEIR FOOTING.  MEANWHILE THE FAITHFUL WILL REMAIN 1BUFFALO.

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