The Sky’s The Limit

The Sky’s the Limit in the Bills homestretch.  With 7 games to go, our guys can pull off an upset and win a wild card berth.  Not possible, say the naysayers.  But of course we can.  We must believe and have faith.  Like Donald Trump, we’ll defy the oddsmakers.  COME ON BUFFALO, SHOW US WHAT YOU’RE MADE OF.  WE’LL MAKE ALL OF THEM EAT THEIR WORDS.  EVER ONWARD TO VICTORY, WE ARE ALWAYS 1BUFFALO.

Donald Trump is a diehard friend of Buffalo.  Who can forget that 2 years ago he bid $1 Billion Dollars to keep the Bills in Western New York.  He is the champion of the little guy, the hard working men and women who make America great.  Like Buffalo he has taken his lumps, but we are all stronger and wiser.  CONGRATULATIONS TO THE DONALD ON HIS HARD FOUGHT VICTORY. LIKE THE BILLS YOU BEAT THE ODDS AND SURPRISED EVERYONE.  MAKE US ALL 1BUFFALO.

The Bills are in their bye week.  After taking their lumps with 3 straight losses, they can now heal and renew.  In this parable of renewal, they regroup for the next half of the season.  Getting Marcell Dareus healthy is the number one priority.  A rested LeSean McCoy is vitally important.  At midseason a wild card berth seems remote.  But anything can happen.  HAVE FAITH AND BELIEVE.  THIS TRULY IS THE AGE OF MIRACLES.

A hearty three cheers for the Little Guy.  Your grit and determination have made us whole again.  Just as the Bills are fighting their way back, so too the guys and gals in all the NFL towns, particularly in the Middle West, are saving the day.  The spectacular victory of Donald Trump for President mirrors the grit of industrial heartland towns like Buffalo.  We have spunk and resolve.  We may not win the Super Bowl, but we’re Talking Proud again.  HATS OFF TO ALL SPORTS FANS, ESPECIALLY THE UNION HOUSEHOLDS.  NEVER AGAIN WILL WE BE KICKED AROUND.  TRUE SPORTS FANS ALL, WE ARE UNITED AS 1BUFFALO.

The Seahawks honored the men and women of the armed forces at last evenings Salute to Service game.  Continuing the NFL’s great tradition of service to the military, special honor guards brought up the colors.  At halftime there was a moving commemoration of the dedication and bravery of those in uniform.  The uplifting theme of the Seattle game offset the disappointing 31-25 loss.  Surely national valor and commitment to core values far outweigh the outcome of any game.  HATS OFF TO ALL PAYING TRIBUTE TO OUR BRAVE WARRIORS.  UNITED TOGETHER WE TRULY ARE ALL 1BUFFALO.

It is true.  The Gang’s all here again.  United we stand in our undivided support for the Bills.  After many false stops and turns it’s all systems go.  The eyes of the nation and world will be on Buffalo and its players this week.  Imagine winning convincingly before the entire world.  GO BILLS!  WE STAND STEADFASTLY BEHIND THE ENTIRE TEAM.  TRULY WE ALL ARE 1BUFFALO.

It’s all systems go for the Seahawks game.  The Monday night matchup will be televised nationally starting at 8:30 P.M.  Buffalo has a standout record against NFC West opponents this year, going 3 – 0.  Emotions are running high in the Bills locker room.  Scouting reports have it that Rex Ryan is pulling out all the stops.  This is crunch time for the Bills.  CALLING ON ALL BUFFALO FANS TO MOBILIZE.  THIS IS MAKE OR BREAK TIME.  SHOW US WHAT YOU’RE ABOUT AND SUPPORT OUR TEAM.  TOGETHER WE ARE ALL 1BUFFALO.

These Are the Times that Try Mens Souls.  The familiar adage from Revolutionary War patriot Thomas Paine surely describes the Bills and their fans.  Everything to date seemed to spell a trip to the Super Bowl.  Now that that is likely out of reach, we can hope for a playoff spot.  The trials of the Bills mirror the uncertainties enveloping the nation.  The presidential election is at hand.  LET’S RALLY ‘ROUND THE FLAG AND HOPE FOR THE BEST.  WITHOUT HOPE NOTHING ELSE MATTERS.  LET’S HOPE AND BELIEVE.  GO BUFFALO!

Buffalo and its Bills fans are going to do it our way.  The Super Bowl may be out of reach, but let’s aspire to a playoff berth.  16 years are long enough without a playoff appearance.  Like Old Blue Eyes, we Western New Yorkers have regrets, but we also have faith and hope.  HERE’S HOPING THIS WILL BE THE YEAR TO MAKE THE NFL PLAYOFFS.  THINGS CAN AND WILL TURN AROUND.  GO BUFFALO!

We must avoid being gloomy over the Bills 41 – 25 loss to the Patriots.  There were a lot of great individual Buffalo efforts.  Tyrod Taylor succumbed to a better prepared New England defense.  Tom Brady is at the peak of his game.  What matters is that we all have each other.  How enriched we are to have the Bills to root for.  LET’S RESOLVE TO REGROUP AND FINISH STRONG IN THE SECOND HALF OF THE SEASON.  A WILD CARD BERTH IS STILL A STRONG POSSIBILITY.  GO BUFFALO!

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