Bills Fall To Vikings 17 – 10

The Bills lost to the Vikings 17 – 10 in last evening’s preseason opener.  Quarterback Tyrod Taylor started hot, throwing 3 completions to Sammy Watkins, then faltered.  Overall he was 5 of 8 for 46 yards.  Backup TJ Yates had a long night, going 6 of 11 for 48 yards.  Nathan Peterman had an impressive 13 play, 79 yard fourth quarter drive that resulted in the Bills only touchdown.  The rookie completed 13 of 25 passes for 112 yards.  IT WAS A LACKLUSTER PERFORMANCE IN SEAN McDERMOTT’S DEBUT AS HEAD COACH.  FORTUNATELY THE TEAM EMERGED WITHOUT INJURIES TO KEY PLAYERS.  THE ACTION RETURNS TO TRAINING CAMP AND PREPARATION FOR NEXT WEEK’S MATCHUP WITH PHILADELPHIA.  STINGING FROM THE DISAPPOINTING LOSS, WE REGROUP AS 1BUFFALO.

The Bills kick off the 2017 preseason tonight at 7 P.M.  They host the Minnesota Vikings at New Era Field.  All the offseason moves come into focus as Sean McDermott debuts as the new head coach.   The game will be televised locally on ABC.  BILLS HOME GAMES ARE A GREAT ENTERTAINMENT EXPERIENCE WITH TAILGATING AND CROWD ROARING.  SHOW SUPPORT BY ATTENDING OR TUNING IN TO WATCH.  DESPITE THE ODDS HOPE SPRINGS ETERNAL.  LOOKING FOR SAFE AND SPIRITED FOOTBALL, WE COME TOGETHER AS 1BUFFALO.

Bills head coach Sean McDermott says the starters will play one quarter in Thursday’s preseason opener versus the Vikings.  That will afford ample opportunity for the backups to take the field and prove themselves.  This is the first full dress test of the young rookies.  Roster cuts will be looming.  THE PRESEASON SHIFTS INTO HIGH GEAR TOMORROW NIGHT.  THIS WILL BE THE FIRST GAME OF THE McDERMOTT ERA.   ALL THE JOCKEYING AND PERSONNEL MOVES WILL BE CALLED INTO FOCUS.   LOOKING FOR COMPETITIVE ACTION AT HOME, WE EXPECTANTLY AWAIT KICKOFF AS 1BUFFALO,

The Bills have signed veteran wide receiver Anquan Boldin.  The one year deal is reportedly worth 4 million.  The 36 year old Boldin has 15 years NFL experience.  He is a 3 time Pro Bowler and recipient of the 2015 Walter Payton Player of the Year Award.  The Bills have been courting Boldin since he visited the team in July.  HIS SIGNING ADDS MUCH NEEDED DEPTH AT RECEIVER BEHIND SAMMY WATKINS AND ROOKIE ZAY JONES.  THE RECEIVER CORPS WAS DEPLETED FOLLOWING THE LOSS OF MARQUISE GOODWIN AND ROBERT WOODS TO FREE AGENCY.  SEEING THE WISDOM OF HIS SIGNING, WE ARE HEARTENED AS 1BUFFALO.

The Bills quarterbacks continued to disappoint on Day 9 of practice.  Tyrod Taylor threw an interception.  On the day he completed 8 of 12 passes.  Nathan Peterman struggled and was off the mark for most of practice. TJ Yates is likely to emerge from camp as the backup.  NONE OF THE 3 QBs IS PLAYOFF CALIBER.  THE HOPE IS THROUGH NEXT YEAR’S DRAFT WITH ITS RICH CLASS OF QUARTERBACKS.  MEANWHILE THE OFFENSE SPUTTERS AND STALLS.  LOOKING FOR IMPROVED PLAY ON CENTER, WE TRY HARD TO BE 1BUFFALO.

After 2 weeks of training camp the Bills are a team in flux.  Rookie head coach Sean McDermott is trying to install discipline and a winning attitude.  Despite good intentions the prospects are not promising.  There is a crisis at quarterback, with Tyrod Taylor turning in mediocre performances.  TJ Yates and Nathan Peterman are faltering at backup.  A TEAM CAN NOT WIN WITHOUT ITS QUARTERBACK.  THE BILLS ARE HEADED FOR A 500 SEASON.  GIVEN THE PRIMACY OF NEW ENGLAND AND RESURGENCE OF MIAMI IN THE AFC EAST, A DIVISION TITLE IS OUT OF REACH.  A WILDCARD WILL PROVE ELUSIVE GIVEN THE QB DILEMMA.  RESIGNED TO YET ANOTHER REBUILDING SEASON, WE ARE FRUSTRATED AS 1BUFFALO.

TJ Yates and Nathan Peterman struggled on Day 8 of training camp.  The Bills backup quarterbacks failed to impress during practice held at New Era Field due to rain.  Yates was intercepted by Gerald Hodges and Peterman was picked off by Joe Powell who returned for a touchdown.  THE STRUGGLES AT BACKUP UNDERSCORE THE QUARTERBACK DILEMMA.  WITH TYROD TAYLOR FLAT THERE IS NO VIABLE QB TO LEAD THE OFFENSE.  IT IS LIKELY TO BE A LONG, FRUSTRATING SEASON.  THE HOPE IS THROUGH NEXT YEAR’S DRAFT.  WONDERING HOW THIS COULD HAPPEN, THE FAITHFUL DESPAIR AS 1BUFFALO.

There is justifiable concern over Tyrod Taylor’s training camp.  His performance to date has been less than mediocre.  He has been flat and inconsistent.  He is under pressure to produce or will likely be gone after this season.  THE BILLS CLEARLY SEE HIM AS A CARETAKER.  TAYLOR’S CONTRACT RESTRUCTURING LEAD TO A 10 MILLION SALARY REDUCTION.  THE HANDWRITING IS ON THE WALL.  LOOKING FOR RESOLUTION TO THE QUARTERBACK PROBLEM, WE SHAKE OUR HEADS AS 1BUFFALO.

Owner Terry Pegula says the Bills need to earn respect from the other NFL teams.  Speaking to the press at training camp he stressed the theme of respect which has been lacking during the playoff drought. He said people respect organizations and teams that win.  He also praised head coach Sean McDermott for his thorough planning.  PEGULA ADVISED THAT A NEW STADIUM IS YEARS OFF.  HE IS CONTENT WITH THE RECENT RENOVATIONS MADE TO NEW ERA FIELD WITH PUBLIC MONEY.  GRATEFUL TO THE OWNER FOR HIS STEADY LEADERSHIP, WE ARE ALL 1BUFFALO.

Tyrod Taylor was again flat in Day 5 of training camp.  Despite an early touchdown pass to Sammy Watkins, he was off the mark most of the time.  He threw a series of missed passes and incompletions.  The offensive line failed to give him time in the pocket.  THE FAITHFUL HAVE REASON TO BE CONCERNED.  TAYLOR IS STRUGGLING AND UNDER PRESSURE.  THE SOLUTION MAY BE WITH YATES AND PETERMAN AS BACKUPS.  RECOGNIZING THE PROBLEM ON OFFENSE, WE LOOK FOR ANSWERS AS 1BUFFALO.

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