Bills Restructure Settle Deal

The Bills have restructured Tim Settle’s deal. The defensive tackle’s revised contract will result in a 600,000 cap reduction for 2023. Brandon Beane is looking to lower the salary cap by at least another 18 Million. The team is over due to a number of bloated contracts. Looking to make it work, we watch and wait as 1BUFFALO.

The Bills will have 6 draft picks in this year’s draft. The league has assigned them the 27th overall pick in round one. They then will have one pick each in the 2nd to 6th rounds. The draft will run from April 27 to 29. Looking ahead to the annual rite of spring, we countdown as 1BUFFALO.

The Bills salary cap has been increased. The league raised it by 2.9 Million to 227.7 Million. This leaves the team nearly 18 Million over the 2023 cap heading into free agency. The squad will lose some key players. Contracts will have to be revised or extended. Brandon Beane has his work cut out for him. Looking for it to come together, we await word as 1BUFFALO.

Adam Schefter sees Bills stars lost to free agency. The national commentator predicts that Tremaine Edmunds and Jordan Poyer will soon depart. He notes that the team did not use the franchise tag on them. Financial issues are clearly at play. Brandon Beane attributes it to being over the salary cap. Facing the reality of the situation, we unite as 1BUFFALO.

The Bills have opted not to use the franchise tag. The move would have cost them Millions of dollars in salary cap. They have narrowed the cap to 3 Million over the 2023 rate. More progress will have to be made heading into free agency. Recognizing the wisdom of the front office, we support GM Beane’s decision as 1BUFFALO.

Attention turns to the stadium contracts. Bids are being readied for the foundations. Construction is expected to begin in the late spring. Completion is scheduled for 2026. The new arena is being built with a combination of public and private money. It will replace the outdated Highmark stadium across the street. Thankful that the project is getting underway, we lock arms as 1BUFFALO.

The offseason is in full swing. The Bills have attended the NFL Combine. Free Agency starts in a week. The college draft gets underway in late April. So much is happening as the coaches and front office build for the future. Taking stock of it all, we come together as 1BUFFALO.

Will McDermott call the defense. That is the question following Leslie Frazier’s decision to take a year off from coaching. McDermott has 8 years experience as defensive coordinator, 2 for the Eagles and 6 for the Panthers. Otherwise the Bills will look internally for the interim DC. Awaiting word on the determination, we show support as 1BUFFALO.

Ike Boettger has signed a one year deal. The offensive lineman is entering his fifth season with the Bills. He spent 2022 rehabbing from Achilles surgery. Grateful that he is under contract, we congratulate Ike as 1BUFFALO.

Players have graded the Bills. They rated the team as part of the NFLPA survey. They give high marks for treatment of families, training facilities, and conditioning staff. Nutrition and travel are seen as deficient. Encouraged by the generally favorable rankings, we sign on board as 1BUFFALO.

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