Taylor Looking at $15 Million A Year

Tyrod Taylor is reportedly looking at a 2 year deal worth $15 million a year.  The Bills quarterback is worth every penny of that.  Taylor is the best Buffalo player under center since Jim Kelly.  He can lead us out of the 16 year playoff drought.  Management needs to sign him fast.  COME ON, TERRY PEGULA, GIVE TAYLOR WHAT HE DESERVES!

Rookie linebacker Reggie Ragland is out for the season.  The Bills announced the devastating news that their second round draft pick will undergo ACL surgery.  The future of the Alabama star is up in the air. Coach Rex Ryan is making the right moves, having signed veteran linebackers David Hawthorne and Brandon Spikes.  THE BILLS MUST PULL TOGETHER TO OVERCOME THIS HEARTBREAKER.

The Bills flag dominated this morning’s Today Show coverage of the Olympics.  A loyal fan waved a huge Buffalo flag behind the beachfront broadcast post in Rio de Janeiro.  Bills loyalists are found around the world.  Whether in Buffalo or far away in foreign countries Bills fans proclaim their loyalty and spirit.  A NATIONAL AUDIENCE TODAY LEARNED THE DISTANCES BILLS FANS TRAVEL TO SHOW SUPPORT FOR THEIR TEAM.

Bills coach Rex Ryan is fuming over quarterback Tyrod Taylor’s flip in the end zone.  It followed a quarterback draw at the 10 yard line in which Taylor flew over two defenders.  Ryan is justifiably upset with his starter’s lapse.  The last thing the Bills need is to lose Taylor to injury.  They are already reeling from the loss of Ragland and Lawson.  TYROD OWES IT TO HIS TEAMMATES AND FANS TO PLAY IT SAFE AND NOT TAKE UNNECESSARY CHANCES.

Injuries continue to plague the Bills rookie squad.  Second-round draft pick Reggie Ragland went down Friday with ligament damage.  The rookie linebacker will be sidelined for several weeks.  The top draft pick, defensive end Shaq Lawson, is out following shoulder surgery.  Head coach Rex Ryan is looking at free agent replacements.  THE BILLS WILL HAVE TO RISE ABOVE THESE SETBACKS AND PULL TOGETHER TO MAKE THINGS WORK.

Rex and Rob Ryan are appearing in an ESPN promo for Ben Hur.  They fit the bill, since the movie is about two feuding brothers.  The Bills coaches are often at each other’s throats.  Such sibling rivalry may energize the squad.  Both are passionate on and off field.  THE WARRING RYAN BROTHERS FIRE UP THE SQUAD, JUST WHAT THE DOCTOR ORDERED.

Bills owner Terry Pegula is undecided on the future of Ralph Wilson Stadium.  The aging facility is the 7th oldest stadium in the league.  Fellow owners are pressing for a replacement.  The reality is that with Pegula’s sagging fortune, he may not be able to fund a new venue.  Such an arena would cost upwards of a billion dollars.  Various investors have proposed a joint venture.  Pegula should heed their urgings and come to the table.  A showcase covered stadium on the downtown waterfront would get this region moving again.  COME ON TERRY, DO THE RIGHT THING!

2016 is the make or break season for Rex Ryan.  The Bills head coach is entering the second year of his 5 year, $27.5 million contract.  Fans demand a playoff contender, especially after Ryan’s gaffe guarantee last season of a playoff berth.  Owner Terry Pegula is likely to stay with Ryan come what may this fall.  Pegula is thought to be struggling financially given the collapse of natural gas prices.  His remaining fracking leases are likely underwater.  Ryan has a record of landing on his feet, and Pegula is too occupied with business problems to give him the boot.  RYAN OWES BILLS FANS A WINNING SEASON, AND THE HONEYMOON IS OVER.

Richie Incognito has been ranked highest in the Bills Madden 17 ratings.  The standout guard received an overall rating of 90.  Incognito is the heart and soul of the offensive line.  He plays with great intensity. He is a fan favorite. The Bills were smart to re-sign the veteran free agent.  A fired up Incognito is crucial to turning the Bills around and ending the playoff drought.  WAY TO GO, RICHIE.

Bills training camp is underway at St. John Fisher College in suburban Rochester.  Anticipation is running high that Rex Ryan will be able to turn things around and break the playoff drought.  The Bills are making all the right moves.  They signed veteran running back Reggie Bush.  Optimism abounds among the fans.  They are turning out in droves to show support.  By believing in ourselves  we can make it happen.  GO BILLS!

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