Bills At Crossroads

The Bills are at a crossroads in their offseason program.  The voluntary workouts are underway, and Sean McDermott is putting his stamp on the revamped operation.  Free agency failed to provide much needed help on offense.  Turmoil abounds in the front office.  Whether Coach McDermott can turn things around is a daunting task given the primacy of New England and resurgence of Miami.  THE BILLS ARE LIKELY TO AGAIN FINISH THIRD IN THE AFC EAST.  A WILDCARD BERTH IS SIMILARLY REMOTE.  THE LONG SUFFERING FANS HAVE SCANT REASON FOR HOPE.  STRUGGLING TO REMAIN UPBEAT, WE REGROUP AS 1BUFFALO.

Coach Sean McDermott hosted 7 Bills greats at dinner in downtown Buffalo.  They were all from the glory years of Super Bowl contenders in the 1990s.  Attending were Jim Kelly, Darryl Talley, Andre Reed, Cornelius Bennett, Bruce Smith, Steve Tasker, and Thurman Thomas.  The coach benefited from the wisdom and insights of the Wall of Famers.  The players were impressed that McDermott sought their guidance and support.  McDERMOTT IS OFF TO AN AUSPICIOUS START.  HE IS A THINKING MAN’S COACH WITH INSPIRED IDEAS.  HOPING THIS TRANSLATES TO SUCCESS ON THE FIELD, WE RALLY AS 1BUFFALO.



Bills head coach Sean McDermott envisions a player leadership council.  Speaking to the press on the first day of voluntary workouts, he said he favors player driven leadership.  He hopes that both veterans and rookies will have a role.  This is in contrast to Rex Ryan, who shied away from player leadership.  There were no team captains during his regime.  COACH McDERMOTT IS ON TARGET WITH THE NEED FOR TEAM LEADERS.  HE IS OFF TO A GOOD START THIS OFFSEASON.  LOOKING FOR CONTINUED INSPIRED INITIATIVES, WE ARE ALL 1BUFFALO.

Sean McDermott addressed the players for the first time yesterday.  The Bills head coach said the team has the right mindset.   Light workouts began for the first time this offseason.  Veteran Kyle Williams is reassured he made the right decision to return for another year.  LeSean McCoy, the lone holdout, is reportedly in talks with McDermott.  ANOTHER YEAR IS UNDERWAY AT 1BILLS DRIVE.  A NEW HEAD COACH AND HIS STAFF ARE IN CHARGE.  HOPING FOR POSITIVE CHANGE AND AN END TO THE PLAYOFF DROUGHT, WE UNITE AS 1BUFFALO.

The Bills begin their voluntary offseason workouts today.  The sessions focus on strength and conditioning.  New head coach Sean McDermott will address the players for the first time.  This marks the start of offseason team activities.  TODAY USHERS IN A NEW ERA UNDER COACH McDERMOTT.  FANS EVERYWHERE WILL BE WATCHING AS HE PUTS HIS IMPRINT ON THE POST-RYAN ERA.  LOOKING FOR A POSITIVE NEW BEGINNING, WE ARE ALL 1BUFFALO.

Speculation abounds that Doug Whaley will be fired following the upcoming draft.  The embattled general manager has been absent from public view.  Despite weak reassurances from owner Terry Pegula that all is well, Whaley clearly has a diminished role.  Power has shifted to new head coach Sean McDermott.  HE WILL CALL THE SHOTS IN THE DRAFT.  WHALEY IS DAMAGED GOODS WHO NEEDS TO GO.  HOPING FOR DECISIVE ACTION FROM THE WAVERING OWNER, WE REMAIN 1BUFFALO.

The organizational upheaval continues with a shakeup at One Bills Drive.  The team terminated 4 key personnel:  Paul Lancaster, director of player engagement; James Trapp, assistant director of player engagement; Greg McMillan, athletic trainer; and Dan Liburd, strength and conditioning assistant.  The firings are evidence of the change sweeping the franchise as management struggles to find a winning formula.  THE BILLS ARE A TEAM IN FLUX.  OWNERS TERRY AND KIM PEGULA ARE TRYING VARIOUS COMBINATIONS TO BREAK THE EMBARRASSING PLAYOFF DROUGHT.  THE RELEASE OF EMBATTLED GENERAL MANAGER DOUG WHALEY IS KEY.  LOOKING FOR STABILITY THAT HAS BEEN LACKING, WE ARE ALL 1BUFFALO.

Bills owner Terry Pegula must clean house and fire general manager Doug Whaley.  The time is now before the upcoming draft in a few weeks.  Whaley is responsible for the Buffalo roster mess.  The limited salary cap room that allowed for marginal free agent signings is his fault.  The Bills front office has been in disarray for years.  PEGULA OWES IT TO THE FANS TO GIVE THE NEW HEAD COACH CONTROL OVER HIRINGS.  OTHERWISE IT WILL BE MORE OF THE SAME.  DISHEARTENED BY THE INTERNAL TURMOIL, WE NEVERTHELESS SEEK TO BE 1BUFFALO.

Bills owner Terry Pegula says a new stadium is on hold for now.  Speaking at the owners meeting in Arizona, he indicated the NFL is putting no pressure on him to proceed with a new venue.  The current lease on New Era Field runs through 2023.  It was recently upgraded using millions of dollars in state money.  Pegula said the league realizes he is a new owner finding his way.  Recognizing that Buffalo is a small market, we should be content with the present arena as home.  PEGULA HAS A WAY OF DEFLECTING FIRM COMMITMENT ON MAJOR POLICY ISSUES.  HIS VACILLATION  HURTS BOTH HIS SPORTS FRANCHISES.  HOPING HE BECOMES MORE EMPHATIC IN EXERCISING LEADERSHIP, WE STRIVE TO BE  1BUFFALO.

Bills owner Terry has issued a message emphasizing team unity.  Speaking to the press at the annual owner’s meeting in Arizona, he sought to dispel rumors of a rift between Sean McDermott and Doug Whaley.  He indicated that there was unanimous consensus among himself, McDermott, and Whaley on retaining quarterback Tyrod Taylor.  PEGULA’S BRAVE WORDS BELIE REALITY.  McDERMOTT IS EMERGING AS THE CHIEF DECISION MAKER REPORTING TO THE OWNER.  PEGULA HAS DIFFICULTY TAKING DECISIVE STEPS.  THIS IS THE DARCY REGIER FIRING REVISITED.  WHALEY MUST GO.  PEGULA UNDERMINES HIS OWN INVESTMENT BY EQUIVOCATING.  LOOKING TO THE OWNER FOR STRONG LEADERSHIP, WE REMAIN 1BUFFALO.

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