Bills Prepare for Patriots

Flush with their first win the Bills are preparing for the Patriots.  New England is dominant at home, with a 97 – 15 record at Gillette Stadium.  Speculation abounds who will be their starting quarterback.  With Brissett and Garoppolo nursing injuries, Julian Edelman may get the nod.  Buffalo offensive coordinator Anthony Lynn needs to work on the passing game.  The defense leads the AFC with turn overs but is struggling on third down conversions.  THE BILLS MUST GET THEIR ACT TOGETHER IF THEY HAVE A CHANCE OF UPSETTING LONGTIME NEMESIS NEW ENGLAND AND MAKING THE DIVISION RACE COMPETITIVE.

The Bills convincing win over the Cardinals has given coach Rex Ryan a chance to redeem himself.  Many had written him off after the disastrous  start to the season.  Ryan has once again come through in a clutch performance.  Attention turns to preparation for the Patriots.  In the last 16 years Buffalo has gone 4 – 28 against New England.  With Tom Brady out on suspension, this may be winnable.  IF RYAN PULLS OFF AN UPSET IT BUYS HIM THE BALANCE OF THE SEASON TO TURN THINGS AROUND.  HE MAY WELL BE BACK NEXT YEAR FOR A SEQUEL.




The Bills redeemed the fledgling season with a 33 – 18 victory over the Cardinals.  The win keeps Buffalo’s playoff chances alive.  Arizona struggled throughout the afternoon, turning the ball over 5 times. Quarterback Carson Palmer threw 4 interceptions.  The Bills revamped offense, under new coordinator Anthony Lynn, showed promise and poise.  LeSean McCoy turned in a respectable 110 yards and 2 touchdowns.  RENEWED HOPE ABOUNDS.  THERE IS REASON TO BELIEVE.  WE ARE 1BUFFALO.

The Bills host the Cardinals today at New Era Field.  Buffalo leads the series 6 – 4.  Anthony Lynn will make his debut as offensive coordinator.  It is crunch time for Buffalo.  A loss would virtually eliminate the team from playoff contention 3 weeks into the season.  Rex Ryan will have to pull an upset.  With perennial nemesis New England looming next week, his back is to the wall.   EXPECT A SPIRITED STRUGGLE AS THE BILLS LOOK FOR THEIR FIRST WIN.

The Bills are preparing to host the Cardinals Sunday in Orchard Park.  It is a make or break game for Buffalo and embattled coach Rex Ryan.  Challenges abound with Sammy Watkins questionable and Marcell Dareus out on suspension.  Arizona is coming off a 40 – 7 blowout of Tampa Bay.  Quarterback Carson Palmer still does not write off the Bills chances.  The Cardinals are arguably the best team in the league and tough on the road, winning 7 away games last year.  Anthony Lynn will debut as Buffalo offensive coordinator.  THE SEASON WILL BE WON OR LOST TOMORROW AT HOME.  ALL EYES WILL BE ON RYAN AND THE PEGULAS WHO WILL DETERMINE HIS FATE.

Sammy Watkins is doubtful for the Cardinals game.  The star wide receiver sat out a third straight day of practice.  He is dealing with a surgically repaired foot injury.  This is all Buffalo needs down 0 – 2 with the offense struggling.  STUNG BY A SERIOUS OF CRITICAL INJURIES THE BILLS ARE LIMPING AMID DESPERATION.  WATKINS IS NEEDED BACK IN UNIFORM IF THERE BE ANY CHANCE OF TURNING THINGS AROUND.

Rob Ryan may be the next to go.  The Bills assistant head coach in charge of defense and brother of Rex Ryan is hanging by a thread.  The abysmal performance of the defense last week, giving up over 400 yards, makes the case for him to exit.  The firing of offensive coordinator Greg Roman should be the first of several coaching changes.  IN AN EFFORT TO SAVE HIMSELF REX RYAN MAY HAVE TO SACRIFICE BROTHER ROB TO APPEASE THE PEGULAS.

Terry and Kim Pegula talked to players in advance of the Greg Roman firing.  The Bills owners conferred with key members of the offense without Rex Ryan present.  Pegula later tweeted the Associated Press that it was Ryan’s decision to fire Roman.  He added that Ryan is in charge of the team and staff.  Surely the Pegulas are to be lauded for reaching out to the players.  They genuinely are trying to make this work.  We can only hope that new offensive coordinator Anthony Lynn will turn things around.  He surely has a daunting task.

It’s more of the same at One Bills Drive.  The season is realistically over just as it got started.  Owners Terry and Kim Pegula, while well intentioned, are clueless as to running professional sports franchises.  They have stumbled with both the Bills and Sabres.  The healing must begin with a purge of the head coach and general manager.  Show Ryan and Whaley the exits.  They have repeatedly blundered with personnel decisions.  Countless millions have been squandered on bad coaching and player deals.  The Pegulas must find an experienced franchise pro and let him reorganize.  2016 is already history.  Let there be hope for the future.

Rex Ryan’s days in Buffalo are numbered.  The Bills coach is reeling from the devastating 0 – 2 start to the regular season.  The prospect of making the playoffs is dim.  Fans hardened by the 16 year playoff drought will be clamoring for his head.  His tough talking bluster will not save the day.  THE PEGULAS WILL CAVE IN TO FAN DEMANDS AND REMOVE RYAN PROBABLY BEFORE THE END OF THE YEAR.  DOUG WHALEY SHOULD BE NERVOUS FOR HIS OWN JOB.  IT’S BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD IN BUFFALO.

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