Bills Need Backup Before Trading Taylor

The Bills urgently need a backup quarterback before trading Tyrod Taylor.  They may have to pay him the 6 million dollar roster bonus due March 16th in advance of the college draft.  The Bills can use their 2 first round picks to trade up for a future franchise quarterback.  Otherwise they will look to free agency or trade to find a replacement.  Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles is a potential candidate provided the Eagles are prepared to deal.  THE TEAM CAN NOT ENTER THE REGULAR SEASON WITHOUT A VIABLE QUARTERBACK.  PERHAPS THE SOLUTION IS TO RETAIN TAYLOR WITH A ONE YEAR CONTRACT WHILE DEVELOPING A ROOKIE PROSPECT.  LOOKING FOR RESOLUTION TO THE DILEMMA UNDER CENTER, WE STRUGGLE TO REMAIN 1BUFFALO.

Bills owner Kim Pegula has urged compromise on player social protests.  Speaking at the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference in Boston, she said communication is the key to resolving the issue.  She added that players may unwittingly be adversely impacting the viability of the sports business.  THE CONTROVERSY OVER PLAYERS KNEELING DURING THE NATIONAL ANTHEM IS POLITICALLY AND EMOTIONALLY CHARGED.  PEGULA JUDICIOUSLY SEEKS A MIDDLE GROUND.  RECOGNIZING THE WISDOM OF HER BALANCED APPROACH, WE CLOSE RANKS AS 1BUFFALO.

Ian Rapoport of reports the Bills are looking to trade, not cut, Tyrod Taylor.  They may pay him the 6 million dollar roster bonus due on March 16th as insurance for finding a replacement.  Whether he starts next season is another matter.  The Bills own the 21st and 22nd overall draft picks and can trade up for a talented rookie.  THE CLOSED DOORS MANEUVERING CONTINUES AT ONE BILLS DRIVE.  COACH McDERMOTT AND GENERAL MANAGER BEANE HAVE PROVEN TO BE HORSE TRADERS WITH PERSONNEL MOVES.  LOOKING FOR INDICATIONS OF THEIR INTENTIONS, WE WATCH FROM THE SIDELINES AS 1BUFFALO.

The Las Vegas oddsmakers have the Patriots 3 – 1 favorites to win next years Super Bowl.  Despite their upset loss in Super Bowl 52 and their aging offensive nucleus, they are seen as the team to beat.  New England is followed by Green Bay, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Minnesota.  Cleveland is dead last, with the Bills listed at 100 – 1.  BILL BELICHICKS PERENNIAL POWERHOUSE WILL SURELY BE A CONTENDER.  SEAN McDERMOTTS IMPROVING SQUAD MAY BE A FEW YEARS AWAY FROM CHALLENGING.  RECOGNIZING THAT IT IS STILL EARLY AND OFF SEASON SHUFFLING WILL AFFECT THE OUTCOME, WE FOLLOW WITH INTEREST AS 1BUFFALO.

The Las Vegas line has the Bills 12 – 1 favorites to sign Washington quarterback Kirk Cousins.  He is expected to hit free agency next month.  The Bills have the fourth highest odds of snaring him, following the Jets, Broncos, and Cardinals.  THE ODDSMAKERS RECOGNIZE BUFFALOS NEED FOR A FRANCHISE QUARTERBACK.  CLEARLY THEY ARE ABOUT TO SHOW TYROD TAYLOR THE EXITS.  AWAITING THE STRATEGIC MOVE WITH GREAT INTEREST, WE COME TOGETHER AS 1BUFFALO.

Ian Rapoport of reports the Bills are looking to trade Tyrod Taylor.  Otherwise he will cost them 18 million in salary cap space this year.  All indications are that Taylor has played his last game for Buffalo.  The team is looking for a replacement through trade, free agency, or the draft.  THE TIME HAS COME TO CUT TIES WITH TAYLOR.  WITH THE DEPARTURE OF RICK DENNISON AS OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR A NEW ERA HAS BEGUN.  EXPECTANTLY WAITING TO SEE HOW IT PLAYS OUT, WE RALLY AS 1BUFFALO.

The Bills are jockeying for a Top 10 pick in the upcoming draft.  They reportedly are calling around looking for a trade partner so they can take a star quarterback in the first round.  Baker Mayfield, Josh Rosen, and Sam Darnold are the college prospects most likely to be taken early.  They could be developed into the franchise quarterback of the future, replacing Tyrod Taylor.  GENERAL MANAGER BRANDON BEANE HAS PROVEN TO BE A HORSE TRADER IN PERSONNEL MOVES.  EXPECT HIGH DRAMA AS HE WHEELS AND DEALS.  LOOKING FOR INSPIRED DRAFTING TO FIX THE PROBLEM UNDER CENTER, WE WATCH AND FOLLOW AS 1BUFFALO.

The Bills should part company with embattled quarterback Tyrod Taylor.  They have until March 16th to determine his fate.  A 6 million dollar bonus is due then which would keep him in uniform next season.  The time has come to cut ties with the Bills underperforming quarterback.  They can look to free agency, trade, or the draft for a replacement.  TAYLOR HAS BEEN GIVEN AMPLE OPPORTUNITY TO PROVE HIMSELF.  HE IS AT BEST MEDIOCRE AND NOT DESTINED TO LEAD THE TEAM TO A CHAMPIONSHIP.  HOPING MANAGEMENT DOES THE RIGHT THING AND MAKES THE PAINFUL BREAK, WE STAND UNITED AS 1BUFFALO.

The Bills are preparing for the upcoming college draft in April.  They have 2 first round picks which give them strong strategic position.  Their number one priority is taking a franchise quarterback who can make them championship contenders.  There is a notably rich class of quarterbacks this year.  COACH McDERMOTT AND GENERAL MANAGER BEANE WILL BE LOOKING TO BUILD ON THE SUCCESS OF LAST YEARS DRAFT.  THEY HAVE THE PICKS TO MAKE IT HAPPEN.  LOOKING FOR INSPIRED MANEUVERING AS THE TEAM IS REBUILT, WE EXPECTANTLY REMAIN 1BUFFALO.

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