Bills Reportedly Interested in Anquan Boldin

The Bills are reportedly interested in veteran wide receiver Anquan Boldin.  ESPN reports he will visit the team next week.  Boldin had 67 receptions for 584 yards and 8 touchdowns for Detroit last season.  AT 36 BOLDIN HAS THE SIZE AND DOMINANCE TO STILL PLAY.  THE BILLS NEED DEPTH AT RECEIVER BEHIND THE INJURY PRONE SAMMY WATKINS AND UNTESTED ROOKIE ZAY JONES.   LOOKING FOR HELP FROM AN EXPERIENCED PRO, WE SEE THE WISDOM OF HIS SIGNING AS 1BUFFALO.

Sean McDermott vows to build a winning culture at One Bills Drive.  He takes over a team that has not won a playoff game since 1995.  He looks to create a positive environment in which players are motivated to come to work.  He and new general manager had success together at Carolina.  The big question mark is whether they can produce similar results here.  THE ENERGETIC AND HUNGRY McDERMOTT WILL GIVE IT HIS ALL.  HE HAS THE BACKING OF OWNERS TERRY AND KIM PEGULA.  WITH TRAINING CAMP SET TO OPEN NEXT WEEK THE MOMENT IS AT HAND.  LOOKING FOR INSPIRED COACHING LEADERSHIP, WE OPTIMISTICALLY AWAIT RESULTS AS 1BUFFALO.

Former Bills wide receiver James Hardy’s death was ruled a suicide.  The Allen County, Indiana coroner’s office said the cause of death was asphyxia due to drowning.  He reportedly had a history of mental health issues.  Hardy was drafted in 2008 and played 2 years for the Bills.  He was later released by the Ravens in 2011.  THE BILLS COMMUNITY EXTENDS ITS SYMPATHY TO THE HARDY FAMILY.  THE TRAGEDY HIGHLIGHTS THE DIFFICULTIES MANY PLAYERS ENCOUNTER UPON LEAVING THE GAME.  SADDENED AND SHAKEN, WE COME TOGETHER AS 1BUFFALO.

Betting on the Floyd Mayweather – Conor McGregor fight is expected to eclipse that wagered on the Super Bowl.  The oddsmakers give the advantage to Mayweather at 1 – 5.  The line on McGregor is 4 – 1.  The bout will take place August 26th in Las Vegas.  THE SUPER BOWL IS HISTORICALLY THE MOST HEAVILY WAGERED SPORTING EVENT IN THE U.S.  THAT A BOXING MATCH MAY SURPASS THE AMOUNT BET IS SURPRISING. FOLLOWING THE PROMOTIONAL TOUR WITH GREAT INTEREST, WE ARE ALL 1BUFFALO.

ESPN’s Dan Graziano sees the Bills as a wildcard contender.  He predicts the 17 year playoff drought, the longest in professional sports, will end by 2020.  He terms new head coach Sean McDermott to be hungry and energetic.  Quarterback Tyrod Taylor is seen as better than people give credit.  With Sammy Watkins and LeSean McCoy healthy, the drought may end this season.  THE BILLS FACE AN UPHILL BATTLE AS NEW ENGLAND WILL CONTINUE TO DOMINATE THE DIVISION.  WITH LUCK AND ABSENCE OF INJURIES THE TEAM MAY PULL OFF A WILD CARD BERTH.   HEARTENED BY ESPN’S ANALYSIS, WE ARE HOPEFUL  AS 1BUFFALO.

New England quarterback Tom Brady has the best odds to win Most Valuable Player. pegs him at 4 – 1 to take the coveted honor.  At age 40 he would be the oldest NFL player ever to win the accolade.  He is followed by Aaron Rodgers at 7 – 1 and Derek Carr at 9 – 1.  Bills running back LeSean McCoy is way down the pack at 100 – 1.  TOM BRADY HAS LONG BEEN THE BILLS NEMESIS.  HE HAS DOMINATED THE AFC EAST, ORCHESTRATING 5 SUPER BOWL VICTORIES.  BEGRUDGINGLY RECOGNIZING THE FUTURE HALL OF FAMER, WE STAND BY OUR TEAM AS 1BUFFALO.

Las Vegas oddsmaker pegs the Patriots to have 10.5 wins this season.  New England leads the pack, followed by Seattle, Green Bay, and Pittsburgh.  The Bills are way down with over/under wins projected at 6.5.  The line has Buffalo failing to break 500.  THE ODDSMAKERS ARE NOT SWAYED BY THE BILLS OFFSEASON PERSONNEL MOVES.  THE HIRING OF SEAN McDERMOTT AND BRANDON BEANE IS NOT EXPECTED TO HAVE AN IMPACT THIS YEAR.  HOPING AT LEAST FOR ENTERTAINING FOOTBALL, WE RALLY AS 1BUFFALO.

Tyrod Taylor is not the solution to the Bills quarterback problem.  He is at best a caretaker who will likely be gone after this season.  That he agreed to a $10 million contract reduction shows he realizes his limited value.  The Bills have had no stability at quarterback since Jim Kelly retired in 1996.  There has been a succession of also rans who failed to deliver.  The 17 year playoff drought, longest in professional sports, is the result.  WITH 2 FIRST ROUND PICKS NEXT YEAR THE BILLS MUST LOOK TO THE DRAFT FOR A FRANCHISE QUARTERBACK.  THE TEAM  WILL CONTINUE TO STUMBLE UNTIL ONE IS FOUND.  RESIGNED TO YET ANOTHER REBUILDING YEAR, WE REGROUP AS 1BUFFALO.

The Bills operating profit of $26 million is the lowest in the NFL.  The Buffalo News reports that total team revenue last year was $326 million.  $244 of that was shared revenue, primarily from the television contracts.  The balance of $82 million came from ticket sales, merchandising, and naming rights.  The market valuation of the franchise is $1.5 billion, lowest among the 32 teams in the league.  OWNERS TERRY AND KIM PEGULA HAVE THEIR WORK CUT OUT AS THEY BUILD THE TEAM FINANCES.  IRONICALLY THE $1.4 BILLION THEY PAID FOR THE BILLS IS THE HIGHEST IN NFL HISTORY.  ACCEPTING THE REALITY OF DOING BUSINESS IN A SMALL MARKET, WE ARE GRATEFUL TO THEM AS 1BUFFALO.

Prospects are dim for breaking the Bills playoff drought.  It has now been 17 years since Buffalo appeared in a postseason game.  The front office has undergone a radical transformation with the hiring of both a new head coach and general manager.  It will take time for Sean McDermott and Brandon Beane to turn things around.  2017 IS LIKELY TO BE A REBUILDING YEAR.  THE FOCUS WILL BE ON THE DILEMMA AT QUARTERBACK.  THAT TYROD TAYLOR AGREED TO A $10 MILLION CONTRACT RESTRUCTURING SHOWS MANAGEMENT IS NOT SOLD ON HIM FOR THE LONG TERM.  THE PRIMACY OF NEW ENGLAND AND RESURGENCE OF MIAMI IN THE AFC EAST FURTHER WEAKEN THE BILLS CHANCES.  EVER REALISTIC IN THE CITY OF NO ILLUSIONS, WE NONETHELESS REMAIN 1BUFFALO.

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