Non Relocation Agreement

The focus is on the Non Relocation Agreement. It protects Bills Nation from any threat of moving the team during the 30 year Stadium lease. It provides for penalties in excess of a Billion dollars. Any breach would have to be litigated in Supreme Court in Western New York. Reassured that the Agreement prevents any attempted move, we review it carefully as 1BUFFALO.

Attention turns to the Community Benefit Agreement. It was negotiated by the Bills in conjunction with the county and state. The team will contribute 3 Million annually for the next 30 years. That is in exchange for the 850 Million is public funding for the new stadium. It will be used to fund civic projects in underserved local communities. Recognizing the importance of this CBA, we support the initiative as 1BUFFALO.

The Editors wish our Readers and their Families a Happy Easter. It is a time of renewal and new Beginnings. We give thanks to God for His manifold Blessings, including the gift of professional sports. The Bills and Sabres are an important source of unity in our community. With joy in the Risen Lord, we celebrate the Holiday as 1BUFFALO.

The Bills may trade up in the draft. They would mortgage future classes by doing so. Brandon Beane is rumored to be looking for an offensive skill player to help Josh Allen. One is especially needed after losing Tremaine Edmunds in free agency. Looking to see how it plays out, we watch and wait as 1BUFFALO.

Jordan Phillips has signed a contract with the Bills. The veteran defensive tackle returns to the fold. The one year deal is reportedly worth up to 4.6 Million. Excited to have him back in town, we offer Jordan congratulations as 1BUFFALO.

There will be a six percent surcharge on stadium purchases. This will go into effect at the new venue. It applies to parking, concessions and merchandise sales. The money will be used for maintenance, repairs and capital improvement to the arena. Willing to pay extra to support the facility, we make our commitment as 1BUFFALO.

Documents have been signed for the new Stadium. New York State, Erie County and the Bills have inked the pact. This clears the way for groundbreaking later this spring. The new arena will be constructed in Orchard Park across Abbott Road from the existing facility. It will be built with a combination of government and private money. Relieved that the project is on track, we come together as 1BUFFALO.

The focus is on the running game. The Bills under Sean McDermott have de-emphasized it in favor of throwing the ball. The squad ranked 7th overall in rushing last season. The departure of Devin Singletary for Houston leaves them without their star running back. They need to fill the void through free agency or the draft. Looking to bring one on board and take pressure off Josh Allen, we watch and wait as 1BUFFALO.

The Bills have remaining needs as free agency continues. They are in the market for a veteran wide receiver to complement Stefon Diggs. They also need to deal for a running back to beef up the rushing game. This will cut down the pressure on Josh Allen to curb his scrambling. Looking for General Manager Beane to make it happen, we support the front office as 1BUFFALO.

    Ranch dressing will be the official dipping sauce. It will be featured at home games this fall. After consulting with season ticket holders the change was made from blue cheese. Looking forward to enjoying ranch with wings, we go forward as 1BUFFALO.

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