Ryan Fitzpatrick Gets Starting Nod

Ryan Fitzpatrick got the starting nod against the Bills this weekend. The former Bills quarterback will play for Miami in Sundays contest. Coach Brian Flores benched Dolphins QB Josh Rosen after a horrendous performance versus the Redskins. FITZPATRICK IS ONE OF THE MOST EXPERIENCED SIGNAL CALLERS IN THE LEAGUE. HOWEVER THE LACK OF BOTH RECEIVERS AND OFFENSIVE LINEMEN HANDICAPS THE WINLESS DOLPHINS. LOOKING FOR A COMPETITIVE MATCHUP WITH JOSH ALLEN, WE COUNTDOWN AS 1BUFFALO.

The market is booming for Bills tickets. Prices in the secondary market have risen dramatically with the impressive 4 – 1 start. They have increased more than any other NFL team. THE SURGE IN DEMAND FOR LIMITED SEATS REFLECTS THE EMERGENCE OF THE BILLS AS CONTENDERS. FAN ENTHUSIASM IS AT FEVER PITCH. SHARING IN THE SPIRIT, WE PURCHASE OURS AS 1BUFFALO.

Josh Allen visited 2 local high school football teams last Friday. He met with Alden and Burgard players before their matchup. He also officiated the coin toss. ALLEN CALLED IT AN INSPIRATION TO BE WITH THE YOUNG ATHLETES. IT IS PART OF HIS EXTENSIVE COMMUNITY OUTREACH. COMMENDING JOSH FOR HIS CONSCIENCE AND ENCOURAGEMENT, WE LOCK ARMS AS 1BUFFALO.

Pancho Billa was honored last evening on The Simpsons. The Bills Super Fan was featured in a cameo appearance. The late Ezra Castro passed in May after a courageous battle with cancer. PANCHO WAS HONORED AT THE PATRIOTS GAME WITH A SPECIAL MEMORIAL TRIBUTE. HIS FAMILY WAS RECOGNIZED IN AN ON-FIELD CEREMONY. REFLECTING ON ALL THAT OUR WONDERFUL FRIEND CONTINUES TO MEAN TO BILLS NATION, WE UNITE AS 1BUFFALO.

National commentators see the Bills as playoff bound. Michael Robinson and Adam Schein predict they will advance into the postseason. DeAngelo Hall sees them in the AFC Championship game versus New England. THE PRESS CORP IS SIGNING ONBOARD. THE BILLS EARLY VICTORIES ARE ATTRACTING ATTENTION. LOOKING TO SUSTAIN THE MOMENTUM AND RETURN TO THE PLAYOFFS, WE COME TOGETHER AS 1BUFFALO.

The Bills are heavily favored against the Dolphins in week 7. The line has them at -14. Rarely have the oddsmakers given us double-digit chances. THE ODDS REFLECT THE BILLS EARLY SUCCESS. THEY WILL COME OFF THE BYE WITH 3 WINNABLE HOME MATCHUPS. LOOKING TO MAKE IT 7 – 1 BY MIDSEASON, WE PLACE OUR BETS AS 1BUFFALO.

The Bills will rest and regroup during the bye week. 11 weeks have passed since the start of training camp. 11 weeks remain to the regular season. THE BYE WILL AFFORD A NEEDED BREAK FROM THE GRIND. PLAYERS AND COACHES ALIKE WILL RE-ENERGIZE. LOOKING FOR THEM TO RETURN REFRESHED FOR THE PLAYOFF RUN, WE TAKE A BREATHER AS 1BUFFALO.

With the season well underway it is time to take stock of the Bills. The 4 – 1 squad is coming together and vying for a playoff berth. The defense is rated third overall in the league. The team has won all 3 of its road games. The offseason signings have paid dividends. THE BILLS HAVE 3 HOME GAMES FOLLOWING THE BYE. 2 ARE AGAINST TEAMS THAT HAVE YET TO WIN. LOOKING FOR CONTINUED SUCCESS ON THE FIELD, WE HIT OUR STRIDE AS 1BUFFALO.

The 4 – 1 Bills are among the Top 10 in Power Ratings. CBS Sports and Washington Post rank them 8 overall. USA Today puts them at 8 and says no team west of Foxborough is playing better defense. Yahoo rates them 9 and NFL.com 10. THE BILLS ARE EMERGING AS THE SURPRISE TEAM. THEY ARE MAKING BELIEVERS OF NATIONAL COMMENTATORS. LOOKING TO SUSTAIN THE MOMENTUM AND SWEEP THE NEXT 3 CONTESTS, WE TALK PROUD AS 1BUFFALO.

CBS Sports reports that the Bills are trading Zay Jones to the Raiders. They will receive a fifth round pick in the 2021 draft. Jones had underperformed since being being taken 37th overall in the 2017 draft. HE WAS ECLIPSED BY WIDE RECEIVERS COLE BEASLEY AND JOHN BROWN. THIS AFFORDS HIM A CHANCE TO START OVER IN OAKLAND. WISHING ZAY WELL AS HE DEPARTS FOR THE WEST COAST, WE COME TOGETHER AS 1BUFFALO.

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