Dareus Contributes To Hope For Haiti

Marcell Dareus has contributed to the Hope for Haiti charity.  The Bills defensive lineman has followed up a $25,000 contribution with a trip to his father’s homeland.  Haiti has been ravaged by hurricane and earthquake.  The money will help alleviate suffering.  KUDOS TO MARCELL FOR HIS CARING OUTREACH.  HE EXEMPLIFIES THE SOCIAL CONSCIENCE OF NFL PLAYERS.  PROUD OF HIS PHILANTHROPY, WE ARE ALL 1BUFFALO.

The Bills front office is in turmoil.  Terry Pegula is entering his fourth year as owner and has yet to hit his mark.  The crisis at quarterback is evidence of this uncertainty.  With the day of reckoning approaching over Tyrod Taylor there is no clear game plan.  Pegula stubbornly stands behind inept general manager Doug Whaley who needs to exit.  THE BILLS ARE A FRANCHISE IN DISARRAY.  THE PLAYOFF DROUGHT IS LIKELY TO CONTINUE UNLESS CHANGE IS FORTHCOMING.  HOPING THAT PEGULA MAKES THE NECESSARY ADJUSTMENTS, WE ARE ALL 1BUFFALO.

The Bills will be looking to free agency for quarterback. Tyrod Taylor’s days are numbered. A number of veterans will likely be free agents.  Tony Romo, Colin Kaepernick, and Jay Cutler  are all candidates for release by their teams.  Any one of them would provide a short-term fix for Buffalo.  THE LONG-TERM SOLUTION IS THROUGH THE DRAFT.  WITH THE 10th OVERALL PICK THE BILLS CAN TAKE A TALENTED ROOKIE AND DEVELOP HIM INTO AN EVENTUAL FRANCHISE QUARTERBACK.  LOOKING TO SOLVE THE QUARTERBACK DILEMMA, WE ARE ALL 1BUFFALO.

EJ Manuel is likely to be released by the Bills.  The former 16th overall draft pick has failed to produce.  He never lived up to expectations.  Overall he went 6 – 10 in Buffalo.  The Bills have a crisis at quarterback.  They are unlikely to pick up Tyrod Taylor’s option.  That leaves only the unproven Cardale Jones on the roster.  THE ANSWER TO THE QUARTERBACK DILEMMA IS THROUGH FREE AGENCY OR THE DRAFT. ALL 3 OF LAST YEARS QUARTERBACKS SHOULD BE CANNED.  LOOKING TO THE FRONT OFFICE FOR ANSWERS, WE ARE ALL 1BUFFALO.

Buffalo native Michael Dubke has been named White House Communications Director.  He is also a huge Bills fan and season ticket holder.  Dubke is principal of public relations firm Black Rock Group based in Alexandria, Virginia.  He has represented key politicians including local congressman Chris Collins.  THE BILLS NOW HAVE A MAJOR BACKER IN THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION.  HE FREQUENTLY ATTENDS HOME GAMES AT NEW ERA FIELD.  PROUD THAT ONE OF OUR OWN IS ON THE NATIONAL STAGE, WE ARE ALL 1BUFFALO.

The Bills have re-signed backup linebacker Ramon Huber.  The deal was reached one month before he was to become a free agent.  Huber also plays on special teams.  The 8 year veteran has spent one season with Buffalo.  He had 12 special teams tackles last year.  THE BILLS WERE SMART TO RE-SIGN HUBER.  HIS DEPTH OF EXPERIENCE AND CONTRIBUTIONS SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES.  CONFIDENT THERE WILL BE MORE SMART SIGNINGS, WE ARE ALL 1BUFFALO.

Speculation is running high that the Bills may release LeSean McCoy.  The star running back was the heart of Buffalo’s offense, rushing for 13 touchdowns and 1,267 yards in 2016.  However, there are doubts whether he fits into Rick Dennison’s new offense.  Also releasing him would free up much needed $6 million in salary cap that can be used to sign free agents.  HEAD COACH SEAN McDERMOTT FACES A DILEMMA OVER McCOY.  CUTTING THE BEST OFFENSIVE PLAYER IS NOT A SMART MOVE.  HOPEFUL FOR A SANE RESOLUTION, WE ARE ALL 1BUFFALO.

ESPN writer Mike Sando has ranked the Bills 31st out of 32 NFL teams in terms of managerial continuity.  He cites the 4 head coaches, 9 offensive and defensive coordinators, and 3 starting quarterbacks since 2012.  This contrasts with the strong continuity of the Super Bowl champion Patriots, who have had the same 3 key personnel in these positions over the last 4 years.  Buffalo is seen as a revolving door in senior management.  The crisis at head coach in particular stands out.  SANDO’S ARTICLE HIGHLIGHTS THE TOTAL LACK OF CONTINUITY WITH THE BILLS.  IT IS A REPROACH OF THE PEGULA REGIME.  HOPEFUL THAT ORDER WILL SOON BE RESTORED, WE ARE ALL 1BUFFALO.

Cardale Jones is a bad choice to start as Bills quarterback next season.  The former Ohio State star has seen little action in his 2 years with Buffalo.  In 2016 he played only the fourth quarter of the finale against the Jets, going 6 of 11 for 96 yards and an interception.  General Manager Doug Whaley, whose job is in jeopardy, is said to be advocating Jones.  THE SOLUTION TO THE BILLS QUARTERBACK DILEMMA IS THROUGH FREE AGENCY OR THE DRAFT.  BUFFALO CAN USE ITS 10th OVERALL PICK FOR A FRANCHISE QUARTERBACK.  CONFIDENT THAT OWNERSHIP WILL DO THE RIGHT THING, WE ARE ALL 1BUFFALO.

The conventional wisdom is that the Bills should release Tyrod Taylor.  He clearly is not worth the $30 million in guaranteed money that Buffalo would owe if they pick up his option.  However, it is unclear who would replace Taylor.  There are few standout quarterbacks in this year’s draft class.  Trading for a veteran such as Tony Romo may be out of the question.  He reportedly wants to join a playoff contender. THERE IS NO EASY SOLUTION TO THE BILLS QUARTERBACK DILEMMA.  THE FAULT RESTS WITH THE FRONT OFFICE, PARTICULARLY GENERAL MANAGER DOUG WHALEY.  THE PEGULAS SHOULD START THE HEALING BY FIRING WHALEY.  HOPEFUL THEY WILL REPLACE HIM WITH A SAVVY STRATEGIST, WE REMAIN 1BUFFALO.

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