Pegula Must Fire Whaley

Bills owner Terry Pegula must clean house and fire general manager Doug Whaley.  The time is now before the upcoming draft in a few weeks.  Whaley is responsible for the Buffalo roster mess.  The limited salary cap room that allowed for marginal free agent signings is his fault.  The Bills front office has been in disarray for years.  PEGULA OWES IT TO THE FANS TO GIVE THE NEW HEAD COACH CONTROL OVER HIRINGS.  OTHERWISE IT WILL BE MORE OF THE SAME.  DISHEARTENED BY THE INTERNAL TURMOIL, WE NEVERTHELESS SEEK TO BE 1BUFFALO.

Bills owner Terry Pegula says a new stadium is on hold for now.  Speaking at the owners meeting in Arizona, he indicated the NFL is putting no pressure on him to proceed with a new venue.  The current lease on New Era Field runs through 2023.  It was recently upgraded using millions of dollars in state money.  Pegula said the league realizes he is a new owner finding his way.  Recognizing that Buffalo is a small market, we should be content with the present arena as home.  PEGULA HAS A WAY OF DEFLECTING FIRM COMMITMENT ON MAJOR POLICY ISSUES.  HIS VACILLATION  HURTS BOTH HIS SPORTS FRANCHISES.  HOPING HE BECOMES MORE EMPHATIC IN EXERCISING LEADERSHIP, WE STRIVE TO BE  1BUFFALO.

Bills owner Terry has issued a message emphasizing team unity.  Speaking to the press at the annual owner’s meeting in Arizona, he sought to dispel rumors of a rift between Sean McDermott and Doug Whaley.  He indicated that there was unanimous consensus among himself, McDermott, and Whaley on retaining quarterback Tyrod Taylor.  PEGULA’S BRAVE WORDS BELIE REALITY.  McDERMOTT IS EMERGING AS THE CHIEF DECISION MAKER REPORTING TO THE OWNER.  PEGULA HAS DIFFICULTY TAKING DECISIVE STEPS.  THIS IS THE DARCY REGIER FIRING REVISITED.  WHALEY MUST GO.  PEGULA UNDERMINES HIS OWN INVESTMENT BY EQUIVOCATING.  LOOKING TO THE OWNER FOR STRONG LEADERSHIP, WE REMAIN 1BUFFALO.

Sean McDermott says he and Doug Whaley speak with One Voice.  The Bills head coach is trying to cover the growing rift with the general manager.  McDermott reports that he and Whaley collaborated on free agency.  He adds he is comfortable with the front office arrangement.  McDERMOTT’S EFFORTS TO PRESENT A UNITED FRONT BELIE REALITY.  WHALEY IS LOSING FAVOR WITH OWNERS TERRY AND KIM PEGULA.  FOR THE GOOD OF THE ORGANIZATION THEY SHOULD PART COMPANY WITH HIM.  HOPING THAT THE INTERNAL TURMOIL WILL SOON BE BEHIND US, WE ARE ALL 1BUFFALO.

The NFL is softening its stance on a new Bills stadium.  Last year commissioner Roger Goodell said the team needs a new arena to remain economically viable.  Now the official word is that owners Terry and Kim Pegula are still learning how to run the franchise and need time to plan for the venue.  A new stadium would anchor downtown renewal.  It will be built with a combination of money from the Pegulas, the league, and government.  THE PEGULAS HAVE THE BEST INTERESTS OF THE COMMUNITY IN MIND.  THE STADIUM WILL BE A SOURCE OF REGIONAL PRIDE.  LOOKING FORWARD TO THE DAY IT IS BUILT, WE ARE ALL 1BUFFALO.

Sara’s Cleaning Services boosts the Bills. Owners Sara and Hanifi Cosan are diehard Buffalo fans. They own Western New York’s premier cleaning service of residential properties and business offices. Established in 2004, they are known for professionalism, dedication, and attention to detail. Much of their business comes from referrals from their many satisfied customers. Their staff is fully bonded and insured. Environmentally conscious, they provide professional green cleaning, using non-toxic, environmentally friendly cleaning products. We salute Sara’s Cleaning Services for their successful entrepreneurship. Like Terry and Kim Pegula, owners of the NFL Bills and NHL Sabres, their spirit of enterprise and hard work enriches our lives. Proud of their business achievement and passion for the community, we come together as 1Buffalo.

There is an on-going power struggle in the front office at One Bills Drive. New head coach Sean McDermott is emerging as the most powerful man in the organization after owners Terry and Kim Pegula. Embattled general manager Doug Whaley is losing his grip on the reins of power. Jason LaCanfora of CBS News reports that the marriage of McDermott and Whaley isn’t built to last. McDermott is expected to hire close allies as vice presidents. THAT WHALEY MAY SHORTLY BE SHOWN THE EXITS IS GOOD NEWS FOR BILLS FANS. HE HAS REPEATEDLY BLUNDERED IN MAJOR STRATEGIC MOVES. McDERMOTT IS PROVING HIMSELF TO BE A MASTERFUL STRATEGIST. HOPING THE COACH PREVAILS IN THIS PALACE INTRIGUE, WE ARE ALL 1BUFFALO.

NFL ODDS are not with the Bills. The team has hovered for years around .500. Compounding the medicore play is upheaval in the front office. Buffalo struggles with incompetent general manager Doug Whaley who has owners Terry and Kim Pegula bamboozled. The Pegulas, while well intentioned, clearly have a lot to learn about running professional sports franchises. Their NFL Bills and NHL Sabres are in the cellars of their respective leagues. The coaching staff is a revolving door. Sean McDermott is the fourth head coach in 5 years. Turmoil, confusion, and infighting are the hallmarks of the Buffalo organization.

There is little direction to the football program. The decision to retain Tyrod Taylor and rework his contract means continued drifting at quarterback. Strategic blunders such as the release of Stephon Gilmore further weaken the Bills chances. The crisis in leadership is underscored by overly generous contracts that reward the wrong players. Worst of all there is little hope for turnaround given the current crop of managers, coaches, and players.

The prospects for breaking the 18 year playoff drought are not good. Given the primacy of New England and resurgence of Miami, Buffalo is likely to finish third in the AFC East. The likelihood of a wildcard berth is almost nil. Clearly the NFL ODDS are not with the Bills. Fans are left to ponder what might have been. There is always next year. Loyal but weary, we remain 1BUFFALO.

Free agent linebacker Zach Brown is back in town to visit the Bills.  He met with the Dolphins but could not reach terms. He also is in contact with the Raiders.  Brown spent last season in Buffalo.  Having changed agents, he is looking for a contract.  THE BILLS ARE REBUILDING THEIR LINEBACKER CORPS, HAVING COME TO TERMS WITH RAMON HUMBER AND LORENZO ALEXANDER.  COACH SEAN McDERMOTT CONTINUES TO PUT HIS IMPRINT ON OFF-SEASON SIGNINGS.  HOPING HE IS MAKING THE RIGHT PLAYER MOVES, WE UNITE AS 1BUFFALO.

Speculation abounds whether there will be a new stadium in the Bills future.  The current lease on aging New Era Field expires in a few years.  The NFL wants the club to replace the antiquated facility.  Any new arena should be located in downtown Buffalo.  The 40 year experiment in suburban Orchard Park was a mistake.  OWNERS TERRY AND KIM PEGULA MUST TAKE THE LEAD.  THEIR PRIVATE MONEY WILL LIKELY BE SUPPLEMENTED BY GOVERNMENT FUNDS.  A SIGNATURE STADIUM WILL BE THE LYNCHPIN OF DOWNTOWN REDEVELOPMENT.  LOOKING FOR PUBLIC-PRIVATE COOPERATION TO MAKE IT HAPPEN, WE ARE ALL 1BUFFALO.

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