A Team In Turmoil

The Bills are a team in turmoil.  The firing of Coach Ryan and brother Rob caps another gut wrenching season.  Tyrod Taylor has been benched and is reportedly history.  LeSean McCoy and Sammy Watkins speak openly of a lack of discipline among the players.  Ownership is silent throughout the controversy. LONG SUFFERING BILLS FANS DESERVE EXPLANATIONS.  THE PLAYOFF DROUGHT NOW EXTENDS TO 17 YEARS.  HOW MUCH MORE SHOULD THE FAITHFUL ENDURE.  WITH HEAVY HEARTS WE STAND SHAKEN AS 1BUFFALO.

The Bills will be playing for pride Sunday against the Jets.  Amid turmoil over the firing of Coach Ryan and brother Rob and the benching of Tyrod Taylor, Buffalo takes the field at New York.  All eyes will be on E J Manuel as starting quarterback.  A win will give the Bills a 500 record for the season.  Interim coach Anthony Lynn will audition for the head coach job.  THE SEARCH BEGINS FOR THE NEW COACH.  EVEN 91 YEAR OLD MARV LEVY HAS SAID HE WILL ACCEPT THE JOB IF OFFERED. AMID UNCERTAINTY OVER THE TEAMS FUTURE WE LOYALLY REMAIN 1BUFFALO.

Bills offensive coordinator Anthony Lynn will be the interim head coach.  He takes over a team in disarray following the firing of Rex Ryan and brother Rob.  Lynn is considered a candidate to replace Ryan.  Buffalo announced that E J Manuel will start as quarterback against the Jets.  The move follows the benching of Tyrod Taylor who is being shown the exits.  THE BILLS ARE BACK TO SQUARE ONE WITH FAILED HEAD COACH AND QUARTERBACK.  THE PEGULAS HAVE SERIOUSLY MISCALCULATED BY NOT STAYING THE COURSE.  EXPECT MORE OF THE SAME AS THE FRANCHISE FLOUNDERS.  DESPITE ADVERSITY WE REMAIN UNITED AS 1BUFFALO.

We give thanks to Rex Ryan for two years of credible Bills football.  Two years of 500 ball are solid for a franchise in such internal turmoil.  Terry and Kim Pegula have seriously erred in dismissing the head coach after so short a time.  It will be more of the same at One Bills Drive.  The Pegulas failed to recognize that the underlying problem is Doug Whaley who needs to go.  Now the search begins for a successor.  Whoever is tapped is likely to flounder next year.  THE WELL INTENTIONED PEGULAS LACK EXPERIENCE IN RUNNING PROFESSIONAL SPORTS FRANCHISES.  THE FIRING OF COACH RYAN IS THEIR BIGGEST BLUNDER TO DATE.  WITH HEAVY HEARTS WE LOYALLY REMAIN 1BUFFALO.

Preparations are underway to bring on the Jets.  The Bills meet their AFC East division rival this Sunday at the Meadowlands.  A win will give Buffalo a 500 record for the season.  Beyond playing for pride, the coaches and players will be playing for their jobs.  The Pegulas must act responsibly and continue with Rex Ryan.  Otherwise there would be 4 head coaches in the last 4 years.  A VICTORY AGAINST NEW YORK WILL BE A GREAT WAY TO CLOSE OUT 2016.  UNITED IN OUR SUPPORT FOR COACH RYAN AND BROTHER ROB, WE ARE ALL 1BUFFALO.

Tis the season to take stock of the Bills.  At 7 – 8 they have been eliminated from the playoffs.  But if they win next Sundays finale with the Jets they can finish with an 8 – 8 record.  2 consecutive 500 years is significant.  It would provide a base to improve upon next season.  Buffalo now ranks in the middle echelon of NFL teams.  With further player development and help from the draft a playoff berth is within reach.  The key is to stay the course with Coach Ryan.  BUFFALO CAN NOT AFFORD ANOTHER ROUND OF MUSICAL CHAIRS AT HEAD COACH.  REX RYAN HAS DELIVERED SOLID FOOTBALL IN HIS FIRST 2 YEARS.  HE HAS RENEWED PRIDE AND HOPE.  STANDING TALL WITH HIM AND THE ENTIRE FOOTBALL DEPARTMENT, WE ARE ALL 1BUFFALO.

Merry Christmas to all our readers.  The Editors extend holiday greetings for good health, satisfaction, and prosperity in 2017.  The Bills came up short yesterday versus the Dolphins at New Era Field.  We encourage the Pegulas to exercise restraint before making major personnel moves.  There is still hope for a 500 season with a win next Sunday on the road at the Jets.  THE WESTERN NEW YORK COMMUNITY IS GRATEFUL TO TERRY AND KIM FOR THEIR COMMITMENT AND LEADERSHIP. IN THIS SEASON OF GOOD WILL WE HOPE THEY WILL TREAT REX RYAN AND BROTHER ROB RESPONSIBLY.  HAVING RENEWED OUR SPIRIT, WE STAND WITH THEM AS 1BUFFALO.

Buffalo needs to stay the course with Rex Ryan.  The Bills are 7 – 7 heading into the Miami game.  A win today coupled with a division victory next week over the Jets would give Buffalo a 9 – 7 winning record. Terry and Kim Pegula need to stand by Coach Ryan and return him next year.  To fire him at season’s end would only compound the turmoil that has plagued One Bills Drive for years.  Buffalo would be on its fourth head coach in 4 years.  CLEARLY THE CHAOS MUST END.  THE PEGULAS MUST EXERCISE LEADERSHIP AND RESTRAINT BY GIVING COACH RYAN TIME.  STANDING TALL WITH THE COACH AND BROTHER ROB WE ARE ALL 1BUFFALO.

Tomorrow’s Miami game is the moment of truth for Buffalo.  The season comes down to the wire as the Bills battle for a playoff berth.  Can they break the 16 year drought?  You bet they can.  A fired up Tyrod Taylor will be leading the charge. BILLS FANS WILL LOOK TO SANTA FOR AN EARLY CHRISTMAS PRESENT.  IN THIS SEASON OF MIRACLES ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.  WITH FAITH IN OUR DESTINY WE UNITE AS 1BUFFALO.

The Dolphins game will test the Bills resolve to break the playoff drought.  The season rides on an upset.  So arguably do Coach Rex Ryan and Tyrod Taylor’s jobs.  Buffalo will come through in a clutch performance.  Saturdays matchup will prove to be an early Christmas present for Bills fans.  SPREAD THE HOLIDAY CHEER.  BUFFALO WILL PREVAIL IN SOUTH FLORIDA.  WITH CONFIDENCE IN OUR TEAM AND WHAT WE’RE ABOUT, WE STAND TALL AS 1BUFFALO.

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