We’ll Do It Our Way

Buffalo and its Bills fans are going to do it our way.  The Super Bowl may be out of reach, but let’s aspire to a playoff berth.  16 years are long enough without a playoff appearance.  Like Old Blue Eyes, we Western New Yorkers have regrets, but we also have faith and hope.  HERE’S HOPING THIS WILL BE THE YEAR TO MAKE THE NFL PLAYOFFS.  THINGS CAN AND WILL TURN AROUND.  GO BUFFALO!

We must avoid being gloomy over the Bills 41 – 25 loss to the Patriots.  There were a lot of great individual Buffalo efforts.  Tyrod Taylor succumbed to a better prepared New England defense.  Tom Brady is at the peak of his game.  What matters is that we all have each other.  How enriched we are to have the Bills to root for.  LET’S RESOLVE TO REGROUP AND FINISH STRONG IN THE SECOND HALF OF THE SEASON.  A WILD CARD BERTH IS STILL A STRONG POSSIBILITY.  GO BUFFALO!

Today’s the Day, Bills fans.  The much anticipated rematch with New England kicks off this afternoon.  Can Buffalo pull off an upset?  Nothing surprises us anymore.  Tyrod Taylor and company take on an energized Tom Brady.  Where is this all leading?  Lord only knows.  SHOW YOUR BILLS SPIRIT BY PULLING TOGETHER.  WE ARE NOW ALL BELIEVERS.  TOGETHER WE ARE 1BUFFALO.

The sky’s the limit.  The Bills are shooting for the stars.  Expectations are running high as we prepare to take on long-time rival New England.  Coach Ryan and brother Rob are coming through in a clutch.  An upset will seal the deal.  COME OUT AND SUPPORT OUR TEAM.  ALL GOOD THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. GO BUFFALO!

New found hope abounds in Buffalo again.  Buffalo is playoff bound with a sure shot at a wildcard berth.  Sunday’s home game versus long-time rival New England pits 2 Super Bowl contenders.  We earnestly believe this will be the year.  After all the disappointments and heartache, it’s full steam ahead!  BRING ON THE PATRIOTS!  THIS TRULY IS THE AGE OF MIRACLES.

To paraphrase the old adage, A Fool and His Team are Soon Parted.  That of course paraphrases the sage advice, A Fool and His Money are Soon Parted.  It would be folly to give up on the Bills because they lost to Miami.  They have shown mettle and heart in their last several games.  Good things are happening amid the gloom.  LET’S RALLY ‘ROUND THE FLAG AND TEAM TO MAKE THIS WORK.  WE WILL EMERGE OLDER AND WISER.  GO BUFFALO!


Do not be discouraged.  The Bills 28 – 25 loss to Miami is just a temporary setback.  Not everything always works out smoothly.  Buffalo can and will prevail over the long run.  There is still plenty of time to make it to the Super Bowl.  If not the AFC East championship then there is always a shot at a wild card.  IN THE AFTERMATH OF ALL THAT HAS HAPPENED WE MUST REMAIN DETERMINED AND UNITED.  GO BILLS!  SHOW US ALL WHAT YOU’RE MADE OF.  STRENGTHENED WE ARE 1BUFFALO.

Western New Yorkers and their Bills are rounding the corner.  It’s going to take a lot of time, but we’re headed in the right direction.  40 plus years of hard times and disappointments will eventually give way to victory.  Can the hard luck Bills possibly win the Super Bowl this year?  Not easy to call, but let’s let it happen.  SHOW YOUR SUPPORT FOR THE TEAM AND ALL IT MEANS TO US.  TOGETHER WE ARE 1BUFFALO!

The tough times will eventually end.  It took the Bills years to come out of their funk.  But look at them now.  Good things take time.  We will emerge better and wiser. HANG IN THERE, BUFFALO FANS.  THE SKY’S THE LIMIT!

All Bills fans know that change is in the air.  Out with the old, in with the new!  Together we have our sights set on great things.  It surely has not and will not be easy, but ultimately it will all have been for the best.  Cheer on Rex Ryan and the Buffalo team!  Resolve to do your part for the cause.  We have all been waiting for these days for years.  ONWARD TO THE SUPER BOWL!  UNITED WE STAND, ALWAYS 1 BUFFALO.

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