Let It Snow

It may have snowed overnight, but Bills fans are raring to go to cheer on their team.  Buffalo plays today at Cincinnati in a critical matchup.  The Bills need a victory to keep their wildcard hopes alive.  Will our guys come through?  You can bet they will.  Buffalo comes through in clutch battles.  ENJOY THE GAME WITH FAMILY AND FRIENDS.  HONOR THE MEN AND WOMEN OF THE UNIFORM SERVICES AND ALL THE UNION HOUSEHOLDS.  HOLD ON TO THE DREAM.  TOGETHER WE ARE ALL 1BUFFALO.

The Bills should have no Doubting Thomases.  Those who think the wildcard chances are over are wrong.  Have faith and believe!  There are 7 games left to the regular season.  Rested after the long bye week,  Buffalo takes on the Bengals tomorrow.  A win will start to even the score.  THIS TRULY IS THE AGE OF MIRACLES.  CAST ASIDE YOUR DOUBTS AND CHEER OUR GUYS ON.  WITH FAITH AND RESOLVE WE ARE ALL 1BUFFALO.  GO BILLS!

Bills tackle and new U.S. citizen Cyrus Kouandjio is a true patriot.  He refuses to kneel during the national anthem.  The son of Cameroon immigrants has too much love for his adopted country.  After being sworn in as a citizen on Thursday, he thanked God for the blessings of American citizenship.  KOUANDJIO SETS THE STANDARD FOR THOSE WHO LOVE AMERICA.  SHAME ON THOSE WHO DISRESPECT FLAG AND COUNTRY.  RISING ABOVE OUR DIFFERENCES, WE ARE ALL 1BUFFALO.

Out with The Old, Ring in the New!  That is the motto for Buffalo and the Bills.  Coming off the bye week and preparing for the Bengals, we have renewed hope and optimism.  The once hard luck town and team are on the move again.  Anything is possible if we all pull together.  LET’S GET THIS SHOW ON THE ROAD.  SUPER BOWL HERE WE COME.  IT ALL STARTS WITH EACH OF US BELIEVING.  THE SKY’S THE LIMIT.  GO BUFFALO!  GO BILLS!

Pride, Attitude, Leadership are the values of the Buffalo Police Athletic League.  They mirror the values of the Bills and Buffalo community.  Last night several Bills attended the annual auction fundraiser of the PAL held at the Convention Center.  Corey Graham, Marcell Dareus, Richie Incognito, Tyrod Taylor, and LeSean McCoy all showed support by attending.  They continue the great tradition of Bills service to the community.  HATS OFF TO THE PAL AND THE BRAVE MEN AND WOMEN OF THE BUFFALO POLICE DEPARTMENT.  YOU ARE THE PRIDE OF OUR COMMUNITY.  UNITED TOGETHER WE ARE 1BUFFALO.

The Bills now rev up for the Bengals.  Rested after the bye week, attention turns to Cincinnati.  The loss of Eric Wood for the duration surely hurts.  With a 4 – 5 record and only 7 games to go, there is no margin for mistake.  THE GUYS NEED OUR WHOLEHEARTED SUPPORT.  A WILD CARD BERTH IS STILL POSSIBLE.  SHOW YOUR BUFFALO SPIRIT BY BELIEVING IN OUR TEAM.  GO BUFFALO!

When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going.  That certainly is true for the Bills.  The naysayers are writing off their wildcard chances after yesterday’s wins by Denver and Kansas City.  The Broncos and Chiefs have now each won 7 games.  Buffalo trails them by 3.  Hopeless?  Not at all!  BILLS FANS HAVE BEEN HERE BEFORE.  DON’T UNDERESTIMATE BUFFALO METTLE AND RESOLVE.  COME ON, COACH RYAN AND BROTHER ROB.  MAKE THEM ALL EAT THEIR WORDS.  HERE’S BETTING BUFFALO WILL BE IN THE SUPER BOWL.  THIS TRULY IS A TIME FOR MIRACLES.  GO BILLS!

Bills fans should unite, rejoice, and be glad.  We still have 7 games to redeem ourselves.  A wild card berth is still a possibility.  We must believe in our guys and ourselves.  FAITH + ACTION = RESULTS.  Coach Ryan and brother Rob have pulled off upsets before.  ALL THE WAY TO THE SUPER BOWL!  TALKING PROUD ONCE AGAIN, WE TRULY ARE ALL 1BUFFALO.

The Sky’s the Limit in the Bills homestretch.  With 7 games to go, our guys can pull off an upset and win a wild card berth.  Not possible, say the naysayers.  But of course we can.  We must believe and have faith.  Like Donald Trump, we’ll defy the oddsmakers.  COME ON BUFFALO, SHOW US WHAT YOU’RE MADE OF.  WE’LL MAKE ALL OF THEM EAT THEIR WORDS.  EVER ONWARD TO VICTORY, WE ARE ALWAYS 1BUFFALO.

Donald Trump is a diehard friend of Buffalo.  Who can forget that 2 years ago he bid $1 Billion Dollars to keep the Bills in Western New York.  He is the champion of the little guy, the hard working men and women who make America great.  Like Buffalo he has taken his lumps, but we are all stronger and wiser.  CONGRATULATIONS TO THE DONALD ON HIS HARD FOUGHT VICTORY. LIKE THE BILLS YOU BEAT THE ODDS AND SURPRISED EVERYONE.  MAKE US ALL 1BUFFALO.

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