Is Mitchell Trubisky In Bills Future

Speculation is running high whether Mitchell Trubisky is in the Bills future.  The North Carolina quarterback recently worked out for the coaches and owner Terry Pegula.  Buffalo is known to be shopping for a franchise quarterback.  The long-term solution is clearly not Tyrod Taylor who is a holdover out of desperation.  The Bills can use their 10th overall pick to take Trubisky and groom him for the future.  THE QB DILEMMA IS LARGELY THE FAULT OF INEPT GENERAL MANAGER DOUG WHALEY.  THE SOONER HE IS CANNED THE BETTER FOR THE FRANCHISE.  HOPING FOR THE RIGHT STRATEGIC MOVES, WE UNITE THIS HOLIDAY WEEKEND AS 1BUFFALO.

Dan Rooney, long-time Chairman of the Steelers, has died at age 84.  A colossal executive in the NFL, he helped shape league policy for decades.  He commanded respect all over the country.  Vitally concerned with equal opportunity, he initiated the Rooney Rule, which requires minority interviews for head coaching and front office positions.  He fielded championship teams that brought home several Super Bowl victories.  He later served as United States ambassador to Ireland.  BILLS FANS UNITE IN CONVEYING CONDOLENCES TO THE ROONEY FAMILY AND OUR SISTER CITY OF PITTSBURGH.  A FOOTBALL GIANT HAS PASSED.  INSPIRED BY HIS LIFETIME CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE GAME, WE ARE ALL 1BUFFALO,

Sean McDermott says the recent college quarterback interviews could be a smokescreen.  Speaking on radio the Bills head coach was noncommittal about the team’s intentions.  There has been a flurry of rumors focusing on Mitchell Trubisky and other college prospects.  How the Bills will use their 10th overall pick is unclear.  WITH TYROD TAYLOR LIKELY TO BE GONE IN A YEAR OR 2, THE TEAM NEEDS TO DRAFT A FRANCHISE QUARTERBACK.  THAT OWNER TERRY PEGULA HAS TRAVELED TO MEET WITH QB PROSPECTS HEIGHTENS THE SPECULATION.  SUPPORTING THE EFFORTS TO BUILD FOR THE FUTURE, WE RALLY AS 1BUFFALO.

Speculation is running high that the Bills will use their first round pick for a quarterback.  They have the 10th overall selection in the upcoming draft later this month.  There is considerable interest in North Carolina’s Mitchell Trubisky, who worked out for the team and met owner Terry Pegula.  Also on the radar are Patrick Mahomes from Texas Tech, Deshaun Watson from Clemson, Nathan Peterman from Pittsburgh, and DeShone Kizer from Notre Dame.  THE LONG-TERM SOLUTION MUST BE TO DRAFT A QUARTERBACK OF THE FUTURE.  TYROD TAYLOR’S CONTRACT EXTENSION IS JUST FOR 2 YEARS AND THEN HE LIKELY WILL BE GONE.  LOOKING TO THE FRONT OFFICE FOR SOUND STRATEGY, WE ARE ALL 1BUFFALO.

The Bills have signed TJ Yates, adding depth at quarterback.  The veteran will be backup to Tyrod Taylor.  Yates played 3 years for Houston under new Buffalo offensive coordinator Rick Dennison.  He lead the Texans to a wild card victory over the Bengals in his rookie year.  He becomes the second Buffalo quarterback in 21 seasons since Jim Kelly’s retirement to win a playoff game.  THE BILLS ARE DOUBLING UP ON QUARTERBACK TALENT.  THEY MET ON SUNDAY WITH NORTH CAROLINA’S MITCHELL TRUBISKY, ONE OF THE TOP DRAFT PROSPECTS.  EXPECTING MORE ROSTER MOVES ON CENTER, WE REMAIN HOPEFUL AS 1BUFFALO.

Veteran quarterback TJ Yates has tried out for the Bills.  He played 3 seasons for the Texans under new Buffalo offensive coordinator Rick Dennison.  He later was with Atlanta and Miami.  The Bills clearly need depth at quarterback.  The ill considered retention of Tyrod Taylor, coming off groin surgery, leaves uncertainty at starter.  Cardale Jones is a third string backup.  YATES OFFERS EXPERIENCE AND FAMILIARITY WITH DENNISON’S SYSTEM.  HE IS A VIABLE COMPROMISE FOR THE QUARTERBACK DILEMMA.  SEEING THE WISDOM OF BRINGING HIM ON BOARD, WE ARE 1BUFFALO.

Bills owner Terry Pegula is well intentioned but indecisive.  He generously invested half his personal fortune in Buffalo sports enterprises.  The Bills, Sabres, and Habor Center hotel hockey complex are testaments to his faith in the region.  He has stumbled badly in his management of the sports franchises largely due to his hesitancy and vacillation.  He has faltered when confronted with 2 failed general managers, Darcy Regier and Doug Whaley.  Overly generous contracts have rewarded the wrong players and left little salary cap space.  PEGULA NEEDS TO REEXAMINE HIS MANAGEMENT STRATEGY.  HE NEEDS TO BE MORE HANDS ON IN DIRECTING THE FRONT OFFICE.  THEN FANS EVERYWHERE WILL HAVE HIS BACK, GRATEFUL TO BE 1BUFFALO.


The Bills have signed 8 free agents.  They include former San Francisco cornerback Marcus Cromartie and defensive back Bradley Sylve.  They also took 3 linebackers, Junior Sylvestre, Eddie Yarbrough, and Jacob Lindsey, who played for Harvard.  Rounding out the signings were defensive end Jake Metz, tackle Cameron Jefferson, and offensive lineman Jordan Mudge.  THE BILLS ARE MAKING ROSTER MOVES IN ADVANCE OF MINICAMP LATER THIS MONTH.  THE 8 PLAYERS SIGNED ADD DEPTH AT KEY POSITIONS.  SEAN McDERMOTT CONTINUES THE QUEST FOR A WINNING COMBINATION.  HOPING THE PERSONNEL MOVES PAN OUT, WE ARE ALL 1BUFFALO.

The Bills are at a crossroads in their offseason program.  The voluntary workouts are underway, and Sean McDermott is putting his stamp on the revamped operation.  Free agency failed to provide much needed help on offense.  Turmoil abounds in the front office.  Whether Coach McDermott can turn things around is a daunting task given the primacy of New England and resurgence of Miami.  THE BILLS ARE LIKELY TO AGAIN FINISH THIRD IN THE AFC EAST.  A WILDCARD BERTH IS SIMILARLY REMOTE.  THE LONG SUFFERING FANS HAVE SCANT REASON FOR HOPE.  STRUGGLING TO REMAIN UPBEAT, WE REGROUP AS 1BUFFALO.

Coach Sean McDermott hosted 7 Bills greats at dinner in downtown Buffalo.  They were all from the glory years of Super Bowl contenders in the 1990s.  Attending were Jim Kelly, Darryl Talley, Andre Reed, Cornelius Bennett, Bruce Smith, Steve Tasker, and Thurman Thomas.  The coach benefited from the wisdom and insights of the Wall of Famers.  The players were impressed that McDermott sought their guidance and support.  McDERMOTT IS OFF TO AN AUSPICIOUS START.  HE IS A THINKING MAN’S COACH WITH INSPIRED IDEAS.  HOPING THIS TRANSLATES TO SUCCESS ON THE FIELD, WE RALLY AS 1BUFFALO.



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