Takeaways After 2 Weeks of Camp

After 2 weeks of training camp the Bills are a team in flux.  Rookie head coach Sean McDermott is trying to install discipline and a winning attitude.  Despite good intentions the prospects are not promising.  There is a crisis at quarterback, with Tyrod Taylor turning in mediocre performances.  TJ Yates and Nathan Peterman are faltering at backup.  A TEAM CAN NOT WIN WITHOUT ITS QUARTERBACK.  THE BILLS ARE HEADED FOR A 500 SEASON.  GIVEN THE PRIMACY OF NEW ENGLAND AND RESURGENCE OF MIAMI IN THE AFC EAST, A DIVISION TITLE IS OUT OF REACH.  A WILDCARD WILL PROVE ELUSIVE GIVEN THE QB DILEMMA.  RESIGNED TO YET ANOTHER REBUILDING SEASON, WE ARE FRUSTRATED AS 1BUFFALO.

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