Salary Cap Set

The 2023 salary cap has been set by the league. It is a record 224.8 Million. A third of that is taken up by the 3 most compensated players, Josh Allen, Stefon Diggs, and Von Miller. It poses challenges for Brandon Beane to make the rest of the numbers work. Confident that the General Manager will make it happen, we close ranks around him as 1BUFFALO.

The Chiefs are Super Bowl bound. The Bills longtime nemesis defeated the Bengals in the AFC Championship game. The Eagles won over the 49ers to clinch the NFC title. Bills fans can take comfort that Cincinnati which dashed our playoff run is out of contention. Looking forward to the big game in 2 weeks, we get ready for next year as 1BUFFALO.

Damar Hamlin has released a 6 minute video. It was his first public statement since suffering a near fatal injury during the Bengals game. He expressed appreciation for the love and support he has received. He also thanked fans everywhere who have contributed over 8 million dollars to his foundation. Grateful to God for his recovery, we pray for his continued progress as 1BUFFALO.

Jim Salgado has been fired. The safeties coach spent 6 seasons with the Bills. The secondary was plagued with injuries all year. Damar Hamlin, Micah Hyde and Jordan POYER were all sidelined. Coach McDermott was said to be disappointed with the safeties uneven performance. Wishing Jim all the best, we move on as 1BUFFALO.

The 2023 lineup has been announced. We will be facing some formidable opponents. The Bills will meet Play-off teams including the Bengals, Eagles, Chiefs, Cowboys and Giants. It is a challenging schedule. Billieving our guys to be up to the task, we close ranks around them as 1BUFFALO.

Rest and Recovery. That is what Josh Allen said he needs. Speaking at his post season press conference he said his elbow needs to heal. He injured it back in Week 9 in the Jets game. Adversity plagued the Bills this year, what with Damar Hamlin’s injury and the deadly blizzard. Looking for Josh and the others to heal, we have their backs as 1BUFFALO.

Attention turns to Brandon Beane’s press conference. The general manager spoke for an hour yesterday. He said that a team that won 13 games is not in major need of tweaking. He voiced support for Leslie Frazier and Ken Dorsey. He indicated that contracts will have to be restructured to meet the salary cap. He does not anticipate any blockbuster offseason player deals. Having come to rely on his steady leadership, we salute the GM as 1BUFFALO.

Coach McDermott said in his end of season press conference that it is time for evaluation. He and General Manager Beane will be reviewing each player’s performance. The process is likely to take several weeks. Roster moves will follow as players are shuffled. Looking to see what personnel decisions are made, we await word as 1BUFFALO.

The Bills fell to the Bengals 27 – 10. The loss ends their playoff run. They were unable to get the offense going. Cincinnati outplayed them from the first quarter. The Bengals will meet the Chiefs next Sunday in the AFC Championship game. The 49ers take on the Eagles in the NFC Championship. While the outcome was not what we wanted, we thank the coaches, players and staff for a memorable year. Looking ahead to next season, we hold our heads high as 1BUFFALO.

The Bills are 5.5 point favorites. They host the Bengals today in the divisional round game. The winner will meet the Chiefs next week in the AFC Championship. Emotions are running high with Josh Allen psyched. Looking for a great afternoon of football, we count down to kickoff as 1BUFFALO.

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